We also have a restaurant and accommodation on site.


Seabornia Club House Restaurant

Stroll through the forest of Koajiro, drive or cruise, stop by for an anniversary meal, or for a party.
It is an adult restaurant that can be used in various scenes.
Menus that include seasonal local ingredients are also offered flexibly according to the customer's purpose.
The sea spreads right there, and you can enjoy delicious food while looking at Mt. Fuji, Enoshima, and the beautiful sunset.

See Seabornia Clubhouse Restaurant


On-site accommodations are also available, which can be used for overnight shooting.

Accommodation (1 room per night) 1 yen ~

  • All prices are exclusive of tax.

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Zip code 238
Koajiro 1286, Misaki Town, Miura City, Kanagawa Prefecture

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