Information on temporary mooring

Dining at restaurants, attending weddings, visiting nearby attractions, etc.
Guest berths are available for visitors coming by boat.
Please check availability before using.

Price (per foot)

Day trip

330 yen (tax included) Free service for customers spending 5,000 yen or more at restaurants, etc. (up to 4 hours)

1 泊


Short day mooring / land ft × 500 yen uniformly × number of nights
One-day mooring (up to 300 hours) XNUMX yen per ft
If you use more than 2,000 yen at restaurants and cafes, such as restaurants and cafes, the service will be up to 2 hours.

  • Before entering the port, call the harbor front (046-882-1212) to check availability.

  • Depending on the congestion situation, we may refuse.

Arrival information

① Look at the red and white Ajiro buoy to the left and enter. Please note that there is a fixed net on the Moriso side.

(117) From the buoy, proceed in the direction of XNUMX degrees using the Riviera Seabornia Marina apartment as a landmark. There are many rowing boats up to the entrance of Koajiro Bay, so be careful not to create a tow.

③ When you reach Koajiro Bay Entrance (near the photo), please call Harbourfront. In addition, please be careful about ikesu and recreational fishing boat on the right. In addition, it will be on the right-hand side and slow down in the bay.

④At the harbor entrance, you will be instructed the mooring place. Departure priority is given to visitor berths inside the harbor or outside service pier. Please be careful as the inside of the harbor will be the slowest.

さ れ る If refueling, please proceed to the outer service pier and back to the refueling pier. The outer service pier has a shallow water depth and yachts cannot be moored. Please be careful.

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Winter November 1st-March 31st 9: 00-17: 00

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