Temporary temporary mooring (for visitors)

For guests who come by boat to restaurants, wedding halls, and "Umi no Eki", we have a guest berth that can be moored temporarily.

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Put the Ship

The Riviera Marina is one of Japan's leading marinas, so you can safely leave your important boats, both at sea and at moorings.

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Buy a Ship

Abundant lineup from new boats to used boats. We have a thorough support system for after-sales service and maintenance after purchase.

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Share a Ship

Members of The Riviera Resort Club have a wide selection of club boats that can be used according to the purpose and number of voyages.

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Boat Rental

For those who do not have a chance to use a boat license or who have not been maneuvering for a while. Information on Yamaha Marine Club, which offers rental boats.

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Boat License

For those looking to get a boat license, the Riviera has a licensing school. Please feel free to contact us.

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Fishing Boat Cruising Experience

Sightsee by boat in Koajiro Bay and Aburatsubo Bay, or enjoy cruising in the evening. This is a sea walk cruise that anyone can join.

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Overnight on a boat anchored at the harbor for cruising and delicious meals. We propose a new way of playing for adults, glamping on the sea.

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Fishing Information

Seasonal fishing fish, results of fishing in the nearby sea, etc. are being updated as needed. We also provide information on fishing events.

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