About temporary mooring

If you wish to make a temporary mooring, please be sure to contact the management office (Phone 046-875-1504) by phone before leaving the port.
Regarding temporary use, there may be cases where it is not possible to use it at competitions, events, etc., or a strong wind wave warning / warning is issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency and it is not possible to leave the port.

At Hayama Port, we are accepting requests from Kanagawa Prefectural Land Development Bureau and Sports Bureau to accept mobile boats from Shonan Port due to the Olympic Games. As a general rule, temporary slopes cannot be used during the period for accepting mobile boats because the number of boats that can be used in the visitor berth will decrease.
The postponement of the Olympic Games has been decided, but details regarding the acceptance and temporary use of mobile boats have not been decided, so we will inform you if there are formal requests and instructions. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your cooperation.

About price list

See the temporary mooring and land use fee table

About various application documents

Various application documents such as notification of departure can be downloaded here.

Download Application Form

About temporary mooring

Advance reservations are not accepted.
Please contact the management office (Phone 046-875-1504) by phone during business hours to see if it is possible to enter the port on the day.
It may not be available at competitions and events.

Temporary land installation How to use on the day

XNUMX. Port entry procedures

Please enter the port at the administration office before entering the gate.
When you enter the gate, you will be given a "port entry permit." Please put it on the dashboard of the car where you can see it from the outside.
After the reception is completed, enter the gate, stop the car at the location designated by the staff, and complete the "application for use" and "departure declaration".
Please prepare the ship, load and unload your luggage.
Please return the entry permit when returning or leaving the gate.

XNUMX. Parking lot

When you are ready, move the car to the parking lot immediately.
Trailers should only park their car in the parking lot. Trailers may not recognize the parking sensor and may damage the bar. (If you damage the bar, you will be compensated for the damage)

XNUMX. Wear life jacket

When leaving the boat, be sure to wear a life jacket and operate safely.

XNUMX. Return declaration

Please return immediately after returning to the port.

XNUMX. Return of entry permit

As when entering the port, please put your car in the gate and load the ship at the designated place. When leaving the port, return the "Port of entry permit" to the staff.

Arrival guidance

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