In Kanagawa Prefecture, we recruited new designated managers of Hayama Port for five years from 26 to 30. Our company applied to be designated as a designated manager and was appointed by Governor Kanagawa on March 5th in 26. Following the 25 years from 22 to 25, we will manage and operate Hayama Port as a designated manager for the next 4 years. We will manage and operate the facility as a birthplace of Japan's yacht, aiming for facilities that can be used safely and happily by reflecting our efforts to spread the ocean and reflecting the requests and opinions of users. to hold. We will continue to manage and operate Hayama Port as an “open port”, so we look forward to your continued guidance, cooperation and encouragement.

26 April 1st

Hayama Port users

Riviera Resort Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and Chairman Satoru Watanabe

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