We are planning various races and events to fully enjoy the vast sea.
Please feel free to participate even for the first time.

Temporary mooring and temporary landing may change depending on the number of boats participating in the race.
We will update it as soon as there is a change, so please check it.


  • At Hayama Port, we have been accepting mobile boats from Shonan Port since January 2020 at the request of the Kanagawa Prefectural Land Development Bureau and the Sports Bureau.Due to the postponement of the Olympic Games, it has been decided that the acceptance of mobile boats will continue until the 1 October 2021.
    Due to the postponement of the event, the layout plan for mobile boats has been revised in consideration of the impact on the construction of the floating pier scheduled at Hayama Port after November 2020 and those who use the visitor berth. Following the completion of the berth movement in the port based on the new placement plan from October 11th to October 2020st in 16, we will temporarily resume accepting temporary slope use from November 31st in 2020 to January 1th in 2021.

    Even during the period when we are planning to accept the temporary slope use, we may refuse to use it due to construction, races, events, etc.
    The schedule may change immediately before due to the influence of coronavirus, so please check the latest information before using.

November-December 2020 Construction / race and event scheduled

October 26th-November 5th

Slope repair work

November 10th-November 15th

2020 49th All Japan 470 Class Yacht Championship and 2020 34th All Japan Women's 470 Class Yacht Championship and 2021 470 Class Overseas Dispatched Player Selection Race and 2021 470 Class Junior World Championship Representative Player Selection Race
* Available only to those involved in the tournament.

November 18th-November 19th

Parking lot settlement machine replacement work
* Parking lot is not available.Please contact the management office if you are using an annual contract boat or rental boat.

November 24th-December 6th

Floating pier construction
* Temporary mooring is also not available.

December 5th-December 6th

Moss Winter Regatta 2020
* Available only to those involved in the tournament.

December 12th-December 13th

2021 1st Enoshima Snipe Class Championship ≪11 / 4 NEW≫
* Available only to those involved in the tournament.

December 18th-December 20th

2020 Kanto 420th Class Championship
* Available only to those involved in the tournament.

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