With the resumption of the use of conference rooms and multi-purpose rooms, we would like to create a new coronavirus infectious disease prevention guideline for use in rental conference rooms, etc., and to prevent the spread of infection with users. We will revise this guideline from time to time based on the future infection status.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Hayama Port Designated Administrator Riviera Resort Co., Ltd.

About reservation time

For the time being, we will sterilize indoor ventilation and tables after each use.
Therefore,To ensure the time for ventilation etc.,If you have other reservations, do not make a reservation for the one frame (1 hour) before and after thatThank you for your cooperation.
For reservations after 18:046, please contact the management office directly by phone. [875-1504-8/Reception 00:17-00:2020.8.19] (Added XNUMX)

About use restrictions

If you fall under any of the following items, please stop using the service.

● Those who have a cold symptom (sneezing or coughing) or fever
● Those who have strong fatigue (malaise) or difficulty in breathing
●Those who have cough, sputum or chest discomfort
●Others who have symptoms of possible infection with the new coronavirus
●Persons who have a family member or an acquaintance who is close to them and is suspected of being infected
●Person who is within 14 days after returning from overseas

About wearing masks, washing hands, disinfecting fingers

● When using the conference room, please be sure to take appropriate measures against infectious diseases, such as wearing a mask, encouraging cough etiquette, and sterilizing alcohol.
● To prevent infection, wash your hands and disinfect your fingers before and after entering the conference room.
● Please prepare masks, disinfecting goods, etc. by the user.

About social and physical distance

The meeting room and multipurpose room will be used by less than half of the specified number of people.
   Maximum number of people each use: 3rd floor multipurpose room A 21 people, Multipurpose room B 21 people, 2nd floor meeting room A 9 people
● If you are sitting at the table, make sure you have enough physical distance (physical distance) to avoid 3 closeness (closed/closed/close).
● Do not speak loudly or talk at close distances.
● Please refrain from drinking alcohol or catering (including sharing with multiple people) for the time being. It is possible to eat and drink bento and beverages brought by individuals.

About ventilation in the room

● During use, open the doors/windows and ventilate frequently.
● Do not switch off the ventilation fan.
● When using with the doors/windows closed, please open the doors at least once every hour for 1 minutes or more for ventilation.


● Please take away any garbage (used tissue paper, plastic bottles, etc.).

When infection occurs (discovered)

In case of an infection, please be aware of the participant names and management of the handling of personal information.
In addition,When infection is discovered among participants after useWithout delayPlease contact the management officeThank you for your cooperation in sharing information.

In the future, there is a possibility that the response may change due to changes in the situation, such as further progress of the situation, convergence of the situation, and changes in the national and prefectural policy.
Please be aware of this before making a reservation.

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