Hayama Port is a birthplace of yachts in Japan and a base for marine sports in the region.
Afternoon cruises that anyone can easily experience are also popular.
Consigned by Kanagawa Prefecture, the Riviera Resort is operated as a designated administrator.

About visitor use

If you wish to use the temporary mooring, please contact the administration office (Phone046-875-1504) by phone the day before.
Regarding temporary use, there may be cases where it is not possible to use it at competitions, events, etc., or a strong wind wave warning / warning is issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency and it is not possible to leave the port.
For details on fees, etc., please see the "About Visitor Use" page.

See about visitor usage

About using the harbor

Currently, there is no recruitment of "annual mooring / land facilities".

See the price list for temporary mooring and land use

About use of rental meeting room

Meeting rooms at the public marina "Hayama Port" are available.
Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for a rental space or if you are thinking about event planning.
Please see the "Rental Meeting Room" page for details on usage fees.

See the use of rental conference rooms
Please check the guidelines for preventing coronavirus infections when using rental conference rooms before making a reservation.

About shower and locker use




usage fee

100 yen / 2 minutes

100 yen (refundable)

September to June (Weekdays from July and August)

8:00 - 18:00

8:00 - 18:00

July to August (Saturday, Sunday and holidays)

7:30 - 19:00

7:30 - 19:00

* You cannot exchange money at the management office. Excuse me, please prepare in advance.

About the use of boat lockers

At Hayama Port, rental lockers that can store boating equipment etc. are available.
We have everything from small baggage types to large types that can store yacht equipment.

See the use of boat lockers

About the use by fishing

The only place where fishing is possible in the harbor is A breakwater.
Also, please refrain from fishing on disaster prevention revetments or cason or throwing fishing as it is very dangerous.


A Breakwater, breakwater opening time

April to end of June / September

8:30 - 18:00

April / October

8:30 - 19:00

October-end of March

8:30 - 17:00

View fishing information

About use at competitions and events

Organizations wishing to hold competitions (competitions, events, etc.) at Hayama Port should check the following items before
Submit the required documents to the management office as soon as possible.

(Please submit at least one month before the scheduled date of the event.)

When using a conference room

When using the race management room

Temporary mooring and temporary landing

Submit at the end of the tournament

Use for shooting

If you would like to take a photo in Hayama Port, please submit a “Notice of Hayama Port Temporary Use (for Photography)” and “Photo Projection Plan” to the management office.
Fax and mail are also accepted. The fee is free.
Upon arrival of the submitted documents, we will check the contents and inform you if you can use it.
Please start the shooting on the day of the shooting and stop at the management office after the shooting ends.

Hayama Port temporary use notification (for photography)

Hayama Port Sea Station

Uminoeki is a place to meet marine sports and enjoy rental boats.
Guest berths are available for guests arriving by boat.

See "Hayama Minatoumi Station" official website

General Inquiries



[Phoneephone reception]
September to June (July and August weekdays) 9:6 to 7:8
July-August (Sat, Sun, Holidays) 7: 8-7: 30

[Regular holiday]