Customers coming by car

Yokohama Yokosuka Road Zushi IC-Zuba Shindo Nagashibashi Intersection Turn Left 500m Stirrup Hayama Port Entrance Signal Turn Right 200m

Guidance of parking lot


129 (including 3 for mini cars and 4 for physically disabled), with space for motorcycles
* There is no space for large vehicles with long bodies such as buses

Utilization time

Whole year 5: 00-22: 00


Price (1 hour)

Fee (maximum amount per day)

Normal car (general)

310 Yen

1,550 Yen

Regular car (facility user)

310 Yen

840 Yen

Large vehicles (general): Note

630 Yen

3,150 Yen

Large vehicles (facility users): Note

630 Yen

1,680 Yen

Motorcycles (general)

160 Yen

800 Yen

Motorcycles (facility users)

160 Yen

420 Yen

Note: In this parking lot, a "normal car" refers to a vehicle with a height of less than 2.5m (including auxiliary equipment such as a roof box), and a vehicle with a height exceeding that is automatically detected as a "large car" . Please note that it is not the length of the body. There is no parking space for long cars such as buses.

* All prices are tax-included.
*The usage fee has been revised from October 2019st 1.
* Facility users are ship users and meeting room users. In addition, facility user discount is available only before leaving.
* Vehicles over 2.1m in height cannot be used on the first floor of the multi-story parking lot. Please use the outdoor parking lot.
*Please note that congestion is expected due to the morning market on Sundays.

By train or bus

Keikyu Line Zushi / Hayama Station South Exit ⇒ 2nd bus stop Around the coast bound for "Hayama (Z12)" "Hayamacho Welfare Cultural Center (Z11)" ⇒ Get off at "Stirrard" stop 3 minutes on foot

JR Zushi Station East Exit ⇒ Bus No. 3 bus stop Around the coast "Hayama (Z12)" "Hayamacho Welfare Cultural Center (Z11)" ⇒ 3-minute walk from "Stirrard" stop

General Inquiries



[Phoneephone reception]
September to June (July and August weekdays) 9:6 to 7:8
July-August (Sat, Sun, Holidays) 7: 8-7: 30

[Regular holiday]