We will inform you about the usage status of the facility.
If you have the latest information, details, or questions, please contact the management office.

Updated: 2022 May 13th

Management office

We are open as usual.There are no regular holidays.
The reception hours for applications and inquiries are from 8:00 to 17:00.

Wearing a mask, cough etiquette, disinfecting fingers, avoiding crowdingThank you for your cooperation in preventing infections.
If you are not wearing a mask, please refrain from entering the office.

Slope (temporary use)

It is available.
However, usage may be restricted during competitions (races) and events.
The available dates are updated from time to time on the calendar on the race event page.

* Please contact the management office for use in races, competitions, etc. and temporary mooring from the sea (reservation on the day).

Meeting room / multipurpose room

You can use it. (Each room has a capacity of 50% or less, and there are restrictions on usage time, etc.

*Guidelines for preventing coronavirus infectious diseases in rental conference roomsPlease read "" and make a reservation after acknowledging it.

Parking Lot

It is available.
The parking lot is available from 5:00 to 22:00.You cannot enter or leave the warehouse after hours.

Please refrain from using the parking lot with bicycles, skater shoes, kickboards, skateboards, etc. as it is very dangerous..

Please refrain from staying for a long time when using the following facilities.
Also, please avoid crowding and close contact, such as keeping a physical distance outdoors, and cooperate with wearing a mask and cough etiquette.

The citizens of the prefecture are still required to refrain from going out except when necessary for their daily lives.Thank you for your cooperation in preventing the spread of infection.


It is available.

Opening hours are from 8:30 in the morning throughout the year.The closing time varies depending on the following months.
May-October 18:00閉門、7月・8月 19:00閉門、9月 18:00閉門、10月~3月 17:00閉門です。
It may be closed in stormy weather.

When fishing on the breakwater, please observe the following items to prevent accidents.
・ 35m from the tip of breakwater A (red lighthouse), fishing in all areas inside the harbor禁止.
・ Fishing over the fenceVery dangerous.Never do.
-Throw fishing is prohibiteddoing.Also, do not use Makiesa or Komase.

 * There is also a case where a fishing weight that flew from a breakwater collided with a fisherman's boat.It is very dangerous, so please follow the prohibited items.

Bicycles, skater shoes, kickboards, skateboards, etc. cannot be used..
Please park your bicycle in the bicycle parking space in front of the management office.
Please follow the etiquette when using the service.

Everyone's room / lobby

It is available.
For the time being to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectionOpening time for everyone's room18: 00 ま でI will.

We are currently reducing the number of tables and chairs available.

Changing room / shower room

It is available.
Avoid using when you cannot keep a physical distance, refrain from unnecessary conversation, wear a mask, etc.Thank you for your consideration.


* Currency exchange is not possible at the management office.If you plan to use lockers and showers, please prepare a 100-yen coin in advance.

General Inquiries



[Phoneephone reception]
September to June (July and August weekdays) 9:6 to 7:8
July-August (Sat, Sun, Holidays) 7: 8-7: 30

[Regular holiday]