The 40th Riviera Zushi Marina Yacht Race Yuzo Kayama Invitational "Young Taisho" Cup
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Dinghy sailboat racing

Changes to sailing instructions

【Change before】
12. Mark
12.2. The start and finish marks are race committee boats.

[After change]
12.2 Start and finish marks are race committee boats.Also, the start pin mark and fi
The Nishipin mark will be a thin yellow buoy.



Dinghy sailboat racing

  • For boats departing from Enoshima Yacht Harbor, please pick up your group ribbon at Enoshima Yacht Harbor Front after 8:00.


Awards ceremony

The Cruiser Yacht Race Award Ceremony and Dinghy Yacht Race Welcome Party will be held at the Ocean Suite in Riviera Zushi Marina from 18:00.


Cruiser yacht race

The protest deadline has passed.Today's race has ended.
Thank you everyone for your hard work.


Cruiser yacht race
class flag

The cruiser yacht race class flag was sent to the contact person on 10/2 Mon.
If you do not receive it, please contact the race office.
Boats belonging to Zushi Marina and Seabornia Marina are available at the harbor front of each marina.
Please pick it up at the Harbor Front.


Cruiser yacht race

There has been a change in the announcement of the Cruiser Yacht Race.

Time & Date

Cruiser Yacht Race October 2023, 10 Sun.
Dinghy Yacht Race 2023 October 14th Sat.

JSAF member organization Toyo Shonan
JSAF Member Organization Miura Gayosai Sailing Club
Riviera Resort Club Zushi Marina Young General Cup Executive Committee

Young General Cup 2023

Dinghy yacht race record

Dinghy yacht race entry list

Dinghy Yacht Race Sailing Instructions

Cruiser yacht report card

Cruiser yacht race entry list

Cruiser Yacht Race Sailing Instructions



Cruiser yacht race


  1. A boat with an overall length of 19 feet or more that does not legally impede navigation in the race area.

  2. Boats that meet OSR Appendix B Special Regulations for Inshore Racing.

  3. A boat approved by the Riviera Zushi Marina Young General Cup Race Committee.

  4. Have valid yacht insurance during the race, including liability, passenger disability, and search and rescue costs.

  5. Equipped with two waterproof mobile phones that can be used in the race area.

  6. IRC class is for boats with a valid IRC rating certificate. Holding an ENDORESED certificate is not required.

  7. ORC class is for boats with a valid ORC rating certificate.


a) IRC Classes: Classes that calculate grades based on IRC ratings.
b) ORC Classes: Classes that calculate grades based on ORC ratings.
c) Open Class: A class in which results are calculated based on the competition's own rating.
d) Happiness Class: A class in which results are calculated based on tournament-specific ratings without using spins.

Participation application procedure

  1. The application form is on the official website of the 40th Riviera Zushi Marina Yacht Race.
    In accordance with the participation application form, apply via the Internet and submit the following required documents.
    (Registration will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, this application will not be accepted except on the Internet)

    [Application deadline] October 2023st Sun. 1 17:00

  2. Required documents

    1. Copy of valid rating certificate (IRC class/ORC class)

    2. Rating report (all boats)

    3. A copy of a valid pleasure boat insurance insurance card

    4. Safety agreement

Participation Fee

  1. Race participation fee

    Application for participation in a single class 1 boat 20,000 yen (tax included)
    Application to participate in two classes: IRC class and ORC class 2 boat 1 yen (tax included)

    Award ceremony party participation fee: 1 yen per person (tax included)

  2. Please remit money via bank to the account below by October 3rd Tue.
    In principle, the race entry fee will not be refunded.

    However, this does not apply if all events are canceled.

  3. Transfer destination of participation fee

    Mizuho Bank Zushi Branch
    Ordinary account 1593246
    Riviera Resort Co., Ltd.


October 1st Sun. 17:00 Deadline for participation application and document submission

October 2nd Mon. 17:00 Publication of sailing instructions

October 3rd Tue. 17:00 Deadline for submission of crew registration list
            Deadline for questions to the conference

October 5th Thu. 22:00 Answers to questions published

October 8th Sun. 08:30 Deadline for additions and changes to crew registration list
         10:25 First warning signal
         18:00 Award ceremony


Start off the coast of Zushi → Mark off the coast of Ubashima (Eboshi Rock): Counterclockwise rotation → Finish off the coast of Zushi

How to calculate grades

a) IRC class: Time on Time method by TCC.
b) ORC class: All purpose Time on Time method with single number.
c) Open class: Time on Time method based on tournament-specific ratings.
d) Happiness Class: Time on Time method based on tournament-specific ratings.
The overall results are determined using the time-on-time method based on the tournament's own ratings for all participating boats.

Overall victory-3rd place
First Home Award
Champion of each class-3rd place

There may be cases other than the above.

Tournament executive committee

Executive Committee

Executive Committee Chairman Ryota Tanigawa (Riviera Resort Co., Ltd.)
Race Committee Chairman Norio Shimizu (Japan Sailing Federation)
Protest Committee Chairman Katsuya Shimba (International Judge)

Dinghy sailboat racing

Participation qualifications/application procedure

  1. A boat approved by the Riviera Zushi Marina Young General Cup Race Committee.

    Members of the Japan Sailing Federation in 2023, or those who are planning to become a member in the near future and enjoy sailing.
    By registering as a member of the Japan Sailing Federation (public interest incorporated foundation), a portion of the membership fee will be used as an insurance premium to register for accident insurance, which will cover death and residual disability due to sailing accidents.

Participation Fee

When applying for participation, be sure to enter the boat type, sail number, and captain's name.

Race method

Races will be divided into 2023 groups based on yard stick number (KPSF yard stick number June 6 edition).
One race will be held.


October 8th Sun. 18:00~ Cruiser yacht race award ceremony and dinghy yacht race welcome party
Venue: Riviera Zushi Marina

October 14th Sun. 10:45 First warning signal Scheduled for each class
       16:00 Award Ceremony Venue: Enoshima Yacht Harbor

Race sea level/course

Race sea surface B2 sea surface off Inamuragasaki, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture

course triangle course


  1. One race must be completed for the tournament to be successful.

  2. Boats will be ranked and given points based on their corrected time, which is the race time removed by the yardstick number. (If you have a boat type that is not listed, please let us know at the time of reception.)

  3. Boats with the same corrected time based on yardstick number will be ranked higher and will be awarded points with the higher yardstick number.This modifies Appendix AXNUMX.

  4. A boat's series score will be the sum of all race scores.This modifies Appendix AXNUMX.

Sailing instructions

  1. Upload to our website by October 9th

  2. If you have any questions about the sailing instructions, please email the tournament secretariat by October 10th Tue.
    The answers will be posted on our website.

Overall 3st to XNUMXrd place

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