The Shoan Race is a co-sponsorship with the JSAF Miura Toyo Sailing Club, which is a yacht race that can participate in a wide range of classes, from full-fledged classes centered on racing to skills improvement and leisurely racing.

The upper and lower course 2 races to be held in even months will be operated as two boats as much as possible and enjoyable for racers.

The race surface is off Akiya, which is easily accessible from Tokyo Bay as well as Sagami Bay ships. Odd months are one long course at Enoshima and buoys off the southwest.
In December, the annual victory of the 12th round will be decided and a grand award party will be held.

National Race Officer Hideo Ohba
Area Race Officer Koji Shindori
Club Race Officer Natsuko Okada

Event Dates

2021 April 11th Sun. Canceled
May 2021, 5 Sun.
2021 June 13th Sun.

Shonan Race

Shonan Race Official Bulletin Board

Update date



16: 30

April race canceled

We were preparing to hold the race in April, but due to concerns about the spread of coronavirus infection again, it is expected that "priority measures such as prevention of spread" will be applied.
Although the target period is from the 12th, the government has already announced that it will refrain from moving across prefectures, so as a result of discussions at the co-sponsorship and the race committee, it is a pity, but in April The race will also be cancelled.

Motobu North Star

Mark Boat Yanmar II

Shonan Race 2021 Race Schedule

Shonan Race 2021

2021 race schedule



January 10th Sun.

Miura New Year Friendship Race
Offshore Koajiro ⇒ Round-trip off Akiya (start near Koajiro light buoy)

February 14th Sun.

Up and down course 2 race (off Akiya)

March 14th Sun.

Start off Akiya ⇒ Round-trip buoy southwest

April 11th Sun.

Up and down course 2 race (off Akiya)

May 9th Sun.

Start off Akiya ⇒ Mark round off Jogashima

June 13th Sun.

Up and down course 2 race (off Akiya)

July 4th Sun.

Start off Akiya ⇒ Mark round off Enoshima

August 15th Sun.

Up and down course 2 race (off Akiya)

September 12th Sun.

Start off Akiya ⇒ Sagami No. 3 buoy round trip

October 10th Sun.

Up and down course 2 race (off Akiya)

November 14th Sun.

Start off Akiya ⇒ Round-trip buoy southwest

December 12th Sun.

Up and down course 1 race (off Akiya) * Award ceremony

Miura New Year Friendship Race 2021

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N class

Apply Shonan Race rating

I class

Boats with IRC rating certificate

O class

Boat with ORC rating certificate

Entry fee

30ft or less

General boat 7,000 yen (JSAF registered boat 6,000 yen)


General boat 7,500 yen (JSAF registered boat 6,500 yen)


General boat 8,000 yen (JSAF registered boat 7,000 yen)

41ft or more

General boat 8,500 yen (JSAF registered boat 7,500 yen)

I-class / O-class double entry

3,000 Yen

How to enter

Please submit your WEB entry or entry form to the secretariat by FAX / E-mail at least XNUMX days before the race.

Contact Us

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FAX: 046-881-6120

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