Fishing from a luxury yacht, beachside BBQ of local ingredients, night cruising through the darkness of jet black,
Morning yoga and nature walk around the bonfire in the night sky.
Why don't you enjoy an adult sea play where you can enjoy the fun of the sea during the day and night?

Event Dates

2019 October 19th Sat. 14:00-
October 20th Sun.-12:00


(No company) Japan Marine Academy

In cooperation with Unnan City Tourism Association

Nippon Foundation `` Sea and Japan Project 2019 ''

Adult seaside school sea camping


2019 October 19th Sat. 14:00 Start accepting
October 20th Sun. 12:00 dissolution (planned)


Seabornia Marina
1286 Koamidai, Misaki-cho, Miura-shi, Kanagawa

Recruitment target

Adults * Minors are not allowed to participate

Entry fee

One person 15,000 yen (tax included)

Recruitment number

Recruitment will be completed as soon as the capacity is 20 (minimum number of people 10 people)

Start application

2019 July 22nd Mon. 10:00:

Program contents

【1 Days】
14:00 Start accepting
15:00 Fishing Fishing on a catamaran yacht with less shaking
17:30 Seaside BBQ Enjoy fresh fish and shellfish, vegetables and Hayama beef from Miura
20:00 Night Cruising To the sea at night. This is an elegant adult sea play
21:00 Playing with fire for adults Relaxing adult time around the bonfire
【2 Days】
7:00 Morning Yoga Refresh with the energy of the sea and nature
8:00 Breakfast Vitamin charge at Miura Peninsula fruit
9:00 Nature walking Stroll along the natural Miura coast with a guide
11:00 Farewell ceremony I wish you could meet again in this sea
12:00 dissolution
* Program contents are subject to change due to weather, etc.


* All programs have an instructor. Even inexperienced people can participate with confidence.
* Accommodation will be at the tent.


Graduates of the program to master the sea
Riviera Resort Co., Ltd.

How to book?

Please apply from the dedicated WEB site.
It will be completed as soon as the capacity is reached.

Inquiries Phoneephone 046-882-1286 Ocean Extension (Closed Tuesday)

Sign up here

Application-only WEB site From July 22nd 10:00

Application Guidelines PDF Download



Japan Marine Academy

238-0225 1286 Koajiro, Misaki-cho, Miura-shi Inside the Seabornia Marina

TEL: 046-882-1286