A panel discussion about the sea and forests of Koajiro, which is rich in nature in Miura City, by Prof. Yuji Kishi, Representative of NPO Koajiro Outdoor Activities Coordination Council, Hirokazu Yanase, and Professor Toru Miura, Misaki Rinkai Laboratory, University of Tokyo Will be held.
After a walk in the Koajiro forest, I would like to take this opportunity to talk about why the Miura sea and Koajiro forest are wonderful.
Participation in seminars is also possible. Admission is free, so please join us.

Event Dates

2018 1February 16th Sun.



Christmas Special Course & Cruise


Dr. Yuji Kishi, Professor Emeritus of Keio University
NPO Koajiro Outdoor Activity Coordination Council Director Tokyo Institute of Technology Professor Yanase Hirokazu
Misaki Seaside Laboratory, The University of Tokyo Professor Toru Miura

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