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Time & Date

2016 November 13th Sun.
Preliminary day November 20th Sun.


Riviera Resort Co., Ltd.
Riviera Marine Club


Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Kanto Transport Bureau Miura City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Planning cooperation

Globe Ride Co., Ltd.
Hagi Master volunteer execution group


A pleasure boat or cruiser yacht that does not hinder navigation by law or a portable boat that can be loaded or towed on a vehicle at 15 feet or less

Entry fee

¥ 1 per team (up to 11,000 competitors)
* Party fee is separate

If a boat has more than 5 competitors on board, it is considered to be a two-team participation and the participation fee for two boats is required.
* Portable boat (15ft or less) 1 team ¥ 7,000 (up to 2 competitors) * Excluding party participation fee
(Part of the participation fee will be donated to the Kanagawa Prefectural Cultivation and Fisheries Association to maintain fishery resources)

Hagi Master 2016

Hagi Master 2016 Results

Competition method

4 tails full length.
However, in the case of the same value, the largest fish is ranked higher.

Tournament flag

Be sure to display the competition flags.
If there are more than 1 competitors on one boat, there are two teams and two flags must be displayed.
If you do not have a team, please purchase one for 1 yen.


Free start from each home port

Entry call

Please make an entry call (departure notification) to the secretariat between 7:00 and 9:00 on the day.
If you do not contact us, it will be considered as cancellation.

Calibration time

11:30-12:30 strict adherence

  • The time may be advanced depending on the weather on the day.

Calibration complex

Riviera Seabornia Marina special venue
(Moored at Koajiro Bay)
If you return to your home port without stopping at the Riviera Seabornia Marina, be sure to contact the Secretariat.

  • Please note that after the calibration time, you will be disqualified and unable to calibrate.
    If you do not contact us, we will consider it a distress and contact the relevant ministries.

Party participation fee

Competition participants are 1 yen per person (up to 1,000 people per team, up to 1 portable boats (4 feet or less))

[Example of participation fee]
1 team: Competition fee 11,000 yen + 4 yen for 4,000 party costs total 15,000 yen
Portable boat (15ft or less): Competition fee 7,000 yen + 2 yen for 2,000 party expenses Total 9,000 yen

How to book?

Fill in the required information on the application form and attach a copy of the transcript of the entry fee to the event secretariat by mail or fax.


Financial institution

Resona Bank Yokosuka Branch

account number

Normal XNUMX

Account name

Riviera Resort Co., Ltd.

  • Please make the transfer name "Hagi + team name".
    Please pay the transfer fee.

Application deadline

Until November 7th Mon. 18:00.

Please cooperate with the application as soon as possible for the convenience of operation. Cancellations after the deadline will not be refunded.

1st to 10th Hitoshi Prize Big Prize Ladies Prize

  • There is a ladies' award, so if there are female participants, please apply at the time of application. (Self-application)

Award ceremony party

13: 00 ~ 
Inside the Riviera Seabornia Marina
Riviera Marine Club Poolside
Participants only at the party will be charged 1 yen per person. Please transfer with the participation fee.


All responsibility for the safety or accidents (death, injury, sinking, damage, etc.) of the crew and hull of the participating boats shall be borne by the participating boats, and the organizers and related organizations shall not be held responsible.

Whether or not to hold the tournament

If it is difficult to judge whether the event will be implemented or not according to the weather forecast, please contact the secretariat by phone between 17:00 and 18:00 the day before the event.
If the tournament cannot be held together with the preliminary day, we would like to hold a party only on the preliminary day and make it a place for everyone to interact. Therefore, we will not refund the participation fee even if it can not be held on the preliminary day.

Notes and requests

Many member boats and rowing boats are moored at Koajiro Bay in the Riviera Seabornia Marina and enjoy fishing. Please be careful with towing. Anchor work should be done in good manners according to the instructions of Seabornia Marina Harbor staff.

  • You must wear a life jacket during the competition and at the Riviera Seabornia Marina before returning to your home port. If you do not wear it, you will be disqualified immediately.

Use of parking lot

If you come to the Riviera Seabornia Marina by car, such as a party, the parking fee will be 1,000 yen. Please pay at the Riviera Seabornia Marina entrance.

  • Fishing while mooring at fixed nets or Ikes installed by fishery officials is prohibited.

  • Please avoid troubles with fisheries officials.

  • The above acts will result in disqualification.

  • We ask for fair competition based on seamanship.

Application form PDF download



Riviera Resort Co., Ltd.
Riviera Seabornia Marina Convention Secretariat

238 Koajiro, Misaki-cho, Miura-shi, 0225-1286

TEL: 046-882-1214
FAX: 046-881-6120

E-mail: seabornia@riviera.co.jp

* If you have any questions, please contact the event secretariat by e-mail.