Let's take a look at Enoshima Tenno Festival from the sea!

The Enoshima (Shonan Port) Minato Town Development Council, which aims to revitalize the Enoshima region and Shonan Port, will hold an event where you can view the Enoshima Tenno Festival Mikoshi Mikoshi from the sea as a town development activity that utilizes local resources. .

[Date and time]
July 14th Sun. 10:00-12:00 (viewing time approximately 30 minutes)

Enoshima Yacht Harbor (Shonan Port) Port Management Office

【Entry fee】
1,000 yen/person (as insurance premium and fuel cost)

[Number of applicants]
Approximately 40 people (*must be 3rd grade elementary school students or above)

[Lottery application deadline]
June 27th Thu.

[Announcement of winning and losing results]
June 29th Sat. Winners will be notified via email.

・Flights may be canceled or arrival times may change depending on weather conditions.
・Your name, etc. is required to apply for boarding insurance.
・If there are any omissions, the application may be invalidated.
・If there are many applicants, a lottery will be held.
・Please bring your own motion sickness medication and raincoat.
・Please wear non-slip shoes.
・Our staff may take photos and videos inside the venue, and customers may be reflected in them. Please note that in addition to Riviera's SNS, advertising materials, and the website, this information may be featured in media introducing the event (TV, website, magazines, etc.).

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