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Clay Spa

Reborn with the power of nature
The best treatment

Guests can partake in a unique, whole-body treatment from CLAYD SPA. Relax in the hands of trained therapists, as the build-up of toxins is released and washed away through the use of Clayd, a mineral-rich clay from the US western desert. This treatment has previously only been available at some exclusive XNUMX-star hotels in the US.

The best treatment reborn by the power of nature

  • Healing plan
  • Treatment menu (reservation required)
  • Full Body Treatment 120min

    Clay pack and Esalen® massage (whole body including head) 120 minutes course. The rhythmic massage of the waves and the healing of the earth relax the whole body and wash away unwanted things that have accumulated in the mind and body. Clay pack can be selected from "face / neck" or "calf / sole". Esalen® Massage takes a gentle touch over your whole body over time, approaching deep inside your body. We will operate according to your needs and your physical condition.

  • Focus Treatment 75min

    Clay pack and Esalen® massage (focus treatment) 75 minutes course. Clay pack can be selected from "face / neck" or "calf / sole". In Esalen® massage, you can request one place where you want to spend your time, and lightly wash the entire area mainly.