Guests are invited to make full use of the wide variety of activities available nearby. Explore the coast, roam Kamakura’s temples and shopping streets, enjoy an evening cruise as the sun sets behind Mt. Fuji’s silhouette.

Fishing Boat Cruising Experience CRUISING

Fishing Boat Cruising Experience

Scenic cruises on the Shonan coast

Explore the waters off Enoshima island, the town of Hayama and other areas of the Shonan coast. The Zushi Marina offers a number of cruise programs, including lunch or dinner cruising, as well as tours on a large catamaran. Information is available from the concierge.

Shonan cruise of superb view to feel the splendor of the sea with your whole body

  • Private charter cruise (reservation required) 60 minutes

    A charter cruise where you can rent a motor boat around 30ft and enjoy the scenery and sea breeze.We will visit places recommended by the crew for the day, such as Enoshima and Hayama.

  • PREMIUM Private Charter Cruise (reservation required) 90 minutes

    You can enjoy a luxurious cruise experience by chartering a catamaran (catamaran) yacht, which is rare in Japan.Float a large yacht on the sea and entrust your body to the rhythm of the waves and spend the best time on board.

cycling & walking CYCLING & WALKING


Exploring on two wheels

Cycling around the area on a rental e-bike is highly recommended. Choose from routes to Kamakura and Enoshima. Tour the shrines and temples at your own pace. Make new discoveries, from shops and famous restaurants down back alleys to views that you would miss if traveling by car.

Blowing in the refreshing wind and walking around Kamakura by bicycle

  • Rental bicycles (priority to reservations)

    Feel free to cycle to Kamakura, Zushi and Hayama with the rental bicycle in the Riviera Zushi Marina.Because it is an electrically power assisted bicycle, you can easily proceed to the mountains of Kamakura.Why don't you find a small shop or your favorite place without worrying about traffic jams?If you wish, we will give you a cycling map with recommended view spots and shops at the reception.
    * We do not rent bicycles for children.

  • Walking

    In and around the Riviera Zushi Marina, there are many places where you can take a leisurely stroll and enjoy beautiful scenery.Above all, walking in the calm hours of the morning is the most recommended.You can refresh your mind and body by looking at the majestic scenery.If you wish, we will give you a walking map that summarizes the recommended view spots at the reception.



Head for the courts

The four tennis courts at the Riviera Zushi Marina are beautifully maintained all year, and come complete with changing rooms, showers, and racquet and ball rental. Work up a sweat in the decidedly pleasant location of a marine resort. Guests are asked to please wear appropriate tennis clothes and shoes.

*Rental court (reservation required)

Marine resort tennis court where you can easily play with friends

fishing FISHING


Cast your line from a local fishing boat

Sagami Bay, the location of the Malibu Hotel, is a mecca for those who love the sport of fishing. The hotel staff can introduce guests to boat captains/guides who know the best fishing spots. Skilled anglers are welcome, as are families and beginners.

* Fishing boat fishing (reservation required)

Sagami Bay fishing on a local fishing boat

yoga YOGA


Private yoga with a view

Enjoy a relaxing yoga session in sparkling sunshine or in the warmth of the evening sun amidst the natural beauty of the Hotel Malibu’s waterfront location. Open-air programs are available, and lessons in your room or on your terrace can be arranged. Lessons are by request, so please book in advance.

*Private yoga lesson (reservation required)

Special private yoga while enjoying the beautiful scenery