May Malibu Farm Sunset Live Announcement

Information on Malibu Farm Sunset Live.
Enjoy a wonderful LIVE with your meal while admiring the best location of Malibu Farm.

■ Date and time
October 9th Sat. Rachel Fukushima (singer-songwriter)
16th Sat. Yacht Bianco (Jazz)
23st Sat. Rachel Fukushima (singer-songwriter)
30th Sat. Yacht Bianco (Jazz)
From around 17

-Yacht Bianco-
A unit consisting of two people, Toyama Mumon (Bass & Keyboard) and Fujita Kaori (Sax & EWI) from Shonan.
Inst AOR, Crossover, BossaNova, Fusion jazz, Smooth jazz ... Started activities in April 2019 to develop a new genre called "SAILING JAZZ" by blending various musical elements.
The unit name, Yacht Bianco, means white yacht in Italian.
It features a high-pressure and refreshing sound.

-Rachel Fukushima-
A bilingual singer-songwriter with an acoustic sound cultivated under the blue sky of Los Angeles. At the age of 18, he traveled to the United States alone, absorbed music locally, and now based in Shonan, he regularly travels abroad to hone his sensibility.
Currently, as a DJ of Shonan Beach FM, he is in charge of the program "Sunset Easy" every Sunday from 19:XNUMX.