The Riviera Resort Co., Ltd. will carry out Kanagawa Prefecture's purpose and action content review and register as a "Kanagawa SDGs Partner" this time, and at the "Kanagawa SDGs Partner" registration ceremony held at the April 2019rd Tue. 23. I have participated.
With "Kanagawa SDGs partner", prefectures and companies cooperate with companies that are developing businesses that contribute to the promotion of SDGs, and work on the spread awareness activities of SDGs.
In 2006, Riviera Resort Co., Ltd. announced three basic policies on sustainability: "living with nature and the heart", "for all futures related to the Riviera" and "polishing good old things to the next generation". The Riviera Future Creation Project is launched. Since then, realization of a decarbonized society through the use of natural energy, marine and forest conservation, community activities such as cleaning public toilets, education including marine education, and low-carbohydrate menus and oxidation for the formation of a safe and safe food culture that leads to disease-free We are promoting SDGs through a wide range of initiatives, such as developing menus with new technology cooking that enables prevention and reducing food loss by recycling organic farming.