Riviera Co., Ltd. Resort endorsed the Kanagawa Plastic Waste Zero Declaration on February 2019th, 12.
In the summer of 2018, when a blue whale baby was launched at Yuigahama in Kamakura City, plastic garbage was found in the stomach, and Kanagawa Prefecture, the future city of SDGs, accepted this as a `` message from whales '' and is sustainable As specific initiatives of the SDGs aiming for society, we are addressing marine pollution, which is becoming increasingly serious, especially the problem of microplastics.

Riviera Co., Ltd. Resort has set the basic policy of sustainability as "living with nature and abundant spirit", and is taking the following initiatives to create the future.

○ Abolition of plastic straws
The use of plastic straws has been completely abolished at Riviera Group restaurants, bridal facilities and marina from January 2019st, 1. We provide eco-friendly alternative straws to customers who need straws, and aim to reduce plastic waste that is difficult to recycle.

■ Stores that have discontinued providing plastic straws from January 2019st, 1
・ Riviera Tokyo
・ Seaside Riviera
・ Riviera Aoyama
・ Ristorante AO Aoyama
・ Ristorante AO Zushi Marina
・ Saryo Riviera Garden
・ Seabornia Club House Restaurant
・ Riviera Cafe Green Style
・ Seaside Cafe
・ Riviera Zushi Marina
・ Riviera Seabornia Marina

○ Beach cleanup activities
Beach cleanup activities held by employees every month. The fine plastic waste buried in the sand is also removed while filtering with a colander, and the microplastic problem is also addressed. In addition, the participation of the general public is invited, and the spirit of protecting beautiful nature is expanded.
We aim to eliminate plastic waste that is not recycled and discarded as early as possible by 2030 by expanding initiatives such as the abolition and collection of plastic straws and shopping bags with municipalities, companies, and citizens of the prefecture.