Life enriched by nature
-Use of clean and safe natural energy to protect nature's bounty-

Project introduction

Koajiro's support for the forest

"Koajiro Forest" is the only natural environment in the Kanto region where forests, wetlands, tidal flats and the sea are continuous, and rare creatures such as Acategani form a diverse ecosystem. Conservation of this abundant natural environment, together with the Kanagawa Prefecture, Miura City, the Kanagawa Trust Midori Foundation, and the NPO Koajiro's Forest and Outdoor Activities Coordination Meeting.

Demonstration experiment of battery propulsion ship "Laichou"

Operated in Koajiro Bay using the world's first battery-powered ship "Laicyo" as a shuttle boat. Research and research with Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, aiming to commercialize next-generation clean water transport.

Thin film solar

Actively participate in renewable energy spread projects. An effort to convert light energy into electric power by installing thin-film solar cells on the quay of Riviera Zushi Marina.

Supporting sea lanes as new marine traffic routes

Organized the Kanagawa Ocean Tourism Promotion Council in Kanagawa Prefecture and nearby marina, and developed a marine transportation route in Sagami Bay through pilot operations.

Environmental conservation through the Ogawa Project

Started flood control business in cooperation with the city of Los Angeles, USA. The spring water from the Santa Monica valley is drawn in, stored, purified and then flushed with clean water as water.

Industry-academia-government-private cooperation in the Miura Pearl Project

Koajiro Bay, where joint research was once conducted by the Misaki Rinkai Experimental Station at the University of Tokyo and Mikimoto. Cooperated in the revival of “Koajiro Bay Pearl Culture” and the promotion of “Miura Pearl” for regional development.

Activities to spread electric vehicles with zero CO ゼ ロ emissions

A charging station was set up on the grounds in Zushi and Miura, and events were actively held to promote eco-friendly electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are also used for company cars.

Eelgrass nurturing support

Eelgrass, which is indispensable for forming a rich sea, is disappearing from the sea of ​​Shonan. Supporting the eelgrass ground regeneration activities of the Yokosuka Sea Citizens' Conference for environmental conservation.

Rooftop greening

To reduce COXNUMX emissions, Riviera Tokyo and Riviera Aoyama have built a vegetable garden on the rooftop of a store building, employees have grown pesticide-free vegetables, and have provided customers with the freshest vegetables available now.

Donation of sea bream fry release

In order to prevent the depletion of fishery resources, we cooperated with the Association of Fisheries and Fisheries Association for raising and releasing bream fry.

Beach clean activities

Regularly carry out beach cleanup activities to collect and walk trash on nearby beaches and sidewalks.