The Lady of the Sea "Cynara"

Lady of the Sea "Sinara"

The rare vintage yacht "Cinara" built in England in 1927.It is called "the lady of the sea" because of its beautiful sailing appearance, and it does not capture the hearts of people.In order to carefully polish and leave the "good old Shinara", which can be said to be a treasure that the world has entrusted to us, to the next generation, we launched the restore (full-scale restoration) project in 2015.Then, in 90, when Sinara turned 2017, she started the restoration work by elevating it from the sea, and this time it was completed.
The goal of this restoration project was to preserve the original materials as much as possible and to pass on the technology to Japan, which has no restoration technology.We invited 10 excellent shipbuilders from 50 countries around the world as the Riviera family, and the bartnership, which included Japanese craftsmen, had a wonderful effect beyond the transfer of technology.
Based on the philosophy of "polishing good old things and leaving them for the next generation" of the "Riviera Future Creation Project" that aims for a sustainable society committed to SDGs, 100% of the teak wood at the time of construction 92 years ago was left, and it was born 100 years ago. It brought more than 100 years of life to the Shinara.

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Nominated for "Classic Boat Award 2021".Thank you very much for your cooperation.

It was announced in 2021 January 2021 that the historic wooden sailing ship "Cinara" was nominated for the first time from Asia in the "Classic Boat Awards 15" sponsored by the British "Classic Boat".This is an "award sent in recognition of the passion and dedication of everyone involved in classic yachts."Thank you for being nominated for the prestigious award.I am very pleased and hope to win the award.

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