About 3 people participated in the beach clean on the 700 coasts (Morito coast, Zushi coast, Yuigahama coast).At Yuigahama Beach, a beach rugby experience was held with Toshiaki Hirose, a former rugby representative from Japan, on a clean and beautiful sandy beach, and the children were excited.
At the Riviera Zushi Marina Head Office, Mr. Kojiro Shiraishi (an ocean adventurer who completed the world's toughest yacht race "Vande Grove" for the first time in Asia), Mr. Gota Miura (professional skier), Mr. Toshiro Hirose (former representative of Japan for rugby), In addition to the ambassador of Mr. Hiro Nishiuchi (model / actress), female fishermen, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC Jamstec), yachtsmen, etc. We hold fun talk live on the theme of the sea such as connected sports, charm / culture of the sea.
In addition, the screening of the popular documentary film "A Plastic Ocean", which was screened in 70 countries and won more than 15 awards, and the popular Riviera Marche at the Riviera-ka Marina, which had been suspended due to the Korona-ka, have been revived for a limited time.
Continuing from 2020, the "BLUE MARINA at RIVIERA", which dyes the Riviera Zushi Marina blue, was held, and it became an event to "think about the sea" throughout the day.

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