Let's protect the beautiful and rich sea and spread the charm

-Preserve the beautiful and rich sea and spread the charm of the sea!Together with those who love the sea! ~

"People gather in the beautiful sea" and "When viewed from the sea, the land is a single landscape with no borders between towns and cities." The LOVE OCEAN project started in 2021 to protect and connect “people to people,” “sea to town,” and “town to town.”The 13 cities and towns from Miura to Yugawara on the coast of Kanagawa Prefecture, which surround Sagami Bay, are called the "Shonan Coast", and we are aiming for wide-area regional revitalization centered on the environment and tourism.In addition, we are expanding the community and network of people who love the sea, hoping that the LOVE OCEAN project will spread throughout Japan, which is surrounded by the sea.
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>>"Everyone's consciousness changes the future! Questionnaire"
After the end of the "4th LOVE OCEAN", we will report on the contribution to the environment of everyone who supports LOVE OCEAN on our website, etc.
Please let your acquaintance know so that as many people as possible can participate.

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|Press Release

|Exposure Media

>>June 24th
J: COM's "WEEKLY Topics" introduced the "LOVE OCEAN" initiative such as the ocean symposium.

>>May 20th
LOVE OCEAN's efforts were introduced in "NISSUI PEACEFUL BLUE" in j-wave "Blue in Green".

>>May 20th
Kamakura FM "KAMAKURA GOOD MORNING STATION" introduced the live broadcast of the Riviera Shonan Beach Cleanup at Yuigahama on May 20th.

>>May 18th
The Riviera Shonan Beach Clean at Shonan Bellmare Hiratsuka Beach Park held on May 14th was introduced in Town News Hiratsuka Edition.

>>May 4th
FM Yokohama "Kiss & Ride_Mamoru! Our Beautiful Sea" introduced the "24th LOVE OCEAN" and related initiatives, divided into 27 days from April 1th to 4th and May 8st to 4th. rice field.

>>May 1st
The announcement of the 4th LOVE OCEAN was published in Yokosuka City's information magazine "Koho Yokosuka".

>>April 15th
Appeared on Shonan Beach FM "WEEKEND BY THE SEA". "The 4th LOVE OCEAN" was introduced.

|Photo gallery

sea ​​symposium

[2023/06/18] Riviera Zushi Marina

Seaweed bed regeneration tour


Riviera Shonan Beach Clean/Cleanup

[2023/5/13] Yugawara Town

[2023/5/13] Manazuru Town

[2023/5/13] Odawara City

[2023/5/13] Ninomiya Town

[2023/5/14] Oiso Town

[2023/5/14] Hiratsuka City

[2023/5/14] Chigasaki City

[2023/5/14] Fujisawa City (Enoshima)

[2023/5/20] Kamakura City

[2023/5/20] Zushi City

[2023/5/21] Hayama Town

[2023/5/21] Yokosuka City

[2023/5/21] Miura City

[2023/5/20] Los Angels

[2023/5/25] Shanghai

riviera fishing master

[2023/5/21] Riviera Seabornia Marina

Art Vibre Academy

[2023/5/25] Riviera Zushi Marina

tag rugby

[2023/6/4] Riviera Zushi Marina

\ LOVE OCEAN Daisakusen from the city /

[2023/6/8] Ikebukuro

Clean Sailing Regatta 2023

[2023/6/11] Off the coast of Akiya

Seaweed bed regeneration diver tour

[2023/6/13] Riviera Zushi Marina


Concept: "Protecting the beautiful and rich ocean and connecting 'people to people'"
Vision: A regional revitalization model that transcends the framework of cities and towns "Sustainable urban development from the sea"
Keyword: beautiful sea attracts people

The ocean sustainable event “LOVE OCEAN”, which is held as part of the “Riviera SDGs Festival”, is transmitting [thinking about the future from the ocean]. "4th LOVE OCEAN" continues from the 3rd, 13 cities and 13 coasts throughout Kanagawa Prefecture (Miura, Yokosuka, Hayama, Zushi, Kamakura, Fujisawa, Chigasaki, Hiratsuka, Oiso, Ninomiya, Odawara, Manazuru, Yugawara) Beach clean up!We will carry out "Riviera Shonan Beach Clean" with many people such as local residents, organizations, local governments, companies, tourists, runners, cyclists.Furthermore, this time, in collaboration with a marine event that Riviera is involved in, we also picked up garbage from the sea to reduce the amount of garbage floating on the surface of the sea. From May 13th to June 18th, we will consider the future from the sea, and on the final day, the 18th, we will hold a "Sea Symposium" with experts on the sea.

|Thoughts and wishes for LOVE OCEAN

●I want to protect the beautiful sea!
● Let's create a network and community that connects people who love the sea!
Local residents, organizations, companies, local governments, fishermen, people engaged in sea work and tourism, tourists, marine sports (surfing, SUP, boat & yacht, jet ski, fishing, etc.) athletes and enthusiasts, land sports to those who enjoy walking
● “People gather around the beautiful sea.” Protect the environment that is directly linked to our lives and industries, and revitalize the local economy!
●Let's build a sustainable city from the sea through a regional revitalization model that transcends the boundaries of municipalities by connecting people and people and governments!

|Recruitment of partner companies and organizations

We, the Riviera, have designated the Miura-Yugawara area surrounding Sagami Bay as the "SHONAN Coast" to protect the beautiful sea and to revitalize the region. We carry out and disseminate sustainable activities.
We are looking for partners, participating companies and organizations to implement the "4th LOVE OCEAN".
By participating in this event, you can promote your company's sustainable initiatives.

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| Management

Riviera SDGs Action Executive Committee (NPO Riviera Future Creation Project)

Riviera Resort Co., Ltd. / Riviera Tokyo Co., Ltd. / Japan Marine Academy

Ministry of the Environment / Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism / Kanagawa Prefecture / Zushi City / Kamakura City / Hayama Town / Miura City / Yokosuka City / Fujisawa City / Chigasaki City / Hiratsuka City / Oiso Town / Ninomiya Town / Odawara City / Manazuru Town / Yugawara Town / Kanagawa Coastal Beautification Foundation / Japan Volleyball Association / Kanagawa Rugby Football Association / Japan Sailing Federation / Kanagawa Shimbun / TV Kanagawa / Japan Disaster Medical Assistance Organization (JVMAT) 

NPO corporation NAZe * Shichirigahama


Winfield Japan Co., Ltd.

Asahi Breweries, Ltd.

Seikosha Co., Ltd. / JTB Co., Ltd.

|About Blue Flag

“Riviera Zushi Marina” is the first in Asia to acquire international environmental certification “Blue Flag” marina certification (April 2022)

The Blue Flag is the world's oldest international environmental certification headquartered in Denmark.

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|Riviera Future Creation Project

Since 2006, the Riviera Group has been focusing on efforts to create a prosperous future and promoting the SDGs.