In the modern society where pets are becoming a family, we support Kanagawa Prefecture's efforts to achieve "zero slaughter" for the fifth consecutive year,
Held as part of the “Riviera Future Creation Project”, it aims to create “a sustainable and prosperous city where people and pets coexist.”
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Kanagawa Pet Life Fund.

2020 January 19th Sun.
From 10:00 to 15:00 held decision!

Charity participation fee: 1,000 yen per person
Venue: Riviera Zushi Marina [poolside special venue]
※ rain punishment · stopping stormy weather
* There is a limit to the number of parking lots. Please come by public transport when you arrive.

<Organizer> Zushi Marina Pet Festa Executive Committee
<Co-sponsored> Riviera Resort Co., Ltd.
<Support> Kanagawa Prefecture, Zushi City, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture Veterinary Medical Association, Kanagawa Shimbunsha, tvk (TV Kanagawa), FM Yokohama, J-Com Shonan / Kanagawa,, Yokohama Dog Week Executive Committee
<Cooperation> Shonan Beach FM, Leyland Crow Co., Ltd. Plus One Co., Ltd., Dog Run Lab Co., Ltd.

\First come first serve! Walk bag present /

We will present an original walking bag designed by Hideto Suzuki that can be used for walks with pets on a first come, first served basis!

Event sponsored by Riviera Zushi Marina

* The proceeds of the concert will be donated to the Kanagawa Animal Protection Fund, the animal protection facility Anipro and others.

"This event has ended"

Exhibitors / Sponsors list

At Zushi Marina Pet Festa
We are looking for exhibitors who can agree.

At the Riviera Zushi Marina, we will hold a participatory charity event where you can relax while feeling the sea breeze with your pet. In support of Kanagawa Prefecture's efforts to achieve zero slaughter (6 consecutive years for dogs, 5 consecutive years for cats), we will promote the SDGs by distributing a sustainable and prosperous society of pets and people through events. This is the third time to be held in October 2017, following March 10, and the recognition and attention have been increasing each time. A portion of the event proceeds will be donated to the Kanagawa Pet Life Fund, which will be used for the treatment and acclimatization of protected animals.

Exhibit list

Pet items that are hot topic and pet food that is particular about natural materials!
We will display and sell the latest items. There are plenty of tips to spend your day comfortably with your precious pet! Please drop in ☆


This is the first company in Japan to create a pet cart based on a stroller. We deliver safe, secure and high-quality carts based on the idea of ​​being an important family member. Many types and colors are available.

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Nippon Pet Food Co., Ltd.

Starting with "Vitawan" and "Mimi", the lineup is tailored to your living environment and preferences. We provide food satisfaction with brands that have various features of dogs and cats, such as “Mio”, “Combo”, “Beauty Pro”, “Lacine”, and “Going here”.

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YAMASO is a comprehensive exterior construction company from garden design, design and construction. This time, we will show you how to create a garden with your pet as a home resort.
Please take a look at the differences between resort-style wooden decks and various artificial turf.

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Tasting and sales of Kiwi kitchens, a non-heated freeze-dried food from New Zealand. If you want to change the food, if you are interested in freeze drying, please drop by the booth.

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Kanagawa Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Kanagawa Nissan's Vision
   We are at Nissan's home Kanagawa
 Always the greatest impression for our customers
  With stores that offer XNUMX% satisfaction
 Always fun for our customers
  We can deliver car life
  Create a lively team!

Backpack Daisuki

It is a backpack type carryback that considers the safety of pets and their owners. As a backpack on the front and back, you can also connect to the driveback cart. * Joint exhibition with Goldenmama

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Golden mama

100% handmade DOG GOODS! Shop with paracord leash, collar and harness. * Joint exhibition with Daisuki of backpack

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Be Natural Inc.

Low-allergen dry dog ​​food using natural kangaroo "B Natural Root" and domestic snack supplement for dogs and cats "B Plus" I am selling.

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Select miscellaneous goods aube

We have a selection of dog and cat motifs from all over the world. I would be glad if aube's miscellaneous goods helped to enrich everyday life.

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Haqihana dog / cat harness / lead

Veterinarian / dog trainer recommended! The dogs and cats are given a natural wearing comfort with a design that thoroughly studied the dog's morphology and skeleton, and do not cause pain, restraint, friction on the skin or discomfort. Loved in 27 countries around the world.

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We have abundant items that can be paired with your dog. Please take a look at items related to the material, such as using XNUMX% cotton fabric. [Event limited information] We offer at event special price.

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Volvo Cars Shonan, Volvo Car Konandai

If this child is safe, I will be happy-
In Sweden, Volvo's home country, dogs are an important part of the family. So, when driving with your dog, you can feel the same as your family. Volvo safely and comfortably supports car life and driving scenes with pets.

Click here for car life with pets
Click here for Toho Auto Homepage

The world's fastest portrait creator KAKKY

8 portraits have been drawn so far! Of course I draw a lot of pets.
Draw portraits at the fastest speed with fun conversations and provide smiles and surprises.

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Accel Corporation
Dog cat

We are working to make more time for you to spend time with your pets, not just your current life. We also handle many pet-friendly products. We are exhibiting special products that are not on the homepage, so please drop in.

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Quattro Mych

We are a community-based adult volunteer unit born in the Riviera Zushi Marina. All proceeds will be donated to the Kanagawa Animal Protection Fund and Anipro.
[Food] Various handmade snacks for dogs [Product sales] Handmade convenient goods for pets, books on handmade food, etc. [Experience & Workshop] Tarot fortune-telling by Mr. Lupin, handmade pet food One coin advice, let's put the name of the pet in the stained glass!

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kelty by utility

This is a dogwear brand created by Harajuku's apparel maker “utility”.
Under the theme of "Because it is a member of an important family, dogs also wear clothes of the same value as humans", the same fabric and manufacturing method as human clothes are dropped into dog clothes, making it simpler and more textured than conventional pet clothes I aim to make it.
"Let's dress up and go out !!" Let's go out fashionably together!

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Japan Animal College, Vocational School Japan Animal 21

It's a pet school that's familiar with the CM song ♪ Students aiming for the trimmer will care for their dog for free for 20 minutes.

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Product Sponsor List

Information on the company that sponsored Zushi Marina Pet Festa! As a prize of the lottery on the day of the event ...! Have fun ★


Riviera Zushi Marina, one of Japan's leading marine resorts, is located next to the ancient city of Kamakura, but quickly leads you to another world. "MALIBU HOTEL", which directs every moment of extraordinary life, invites 1 people with 1 meal per night (breakfast) + 2 pet dog to a dog friendly room where you can stay with your dog only on weekdays.
* You can stay with your dog only 10kg or less.

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Bag BOS that does not smell poo

Deodorant power born from development for medical use!
● Comfortable You can take a walk without worrying about the smell after the poo! Comfortable in the car!
● Easy Just tie it in a bag, tie it and throw it in the trash!
● Eco-friendly toilets save water!

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Debif Pet Co., Ltd. (Debif)

All Debif products are domestic. (Niigata head office factory and domestic partner factories) The meat used by Debif is all meat for food.

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Regina Resort

Regina Resort has nine facilities in resort areas such as Izu, Hakone, and Karuizawa. All rooms can be accompanied by pet dogs, so you can spend peace of mind even on your first trip with your pet dog. [Supporting content] "Regina Resort Hakone Sengokuhara" Until June 9th, 2020 (Excluded days: Saturday, holidays, Golden Week, consecutive holidays) 30 night 1 meals (tax included) 2 people 2 room up to 1 small/medium dogs invitation!

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DH Corporation

The "DHC Pet Series" has developed a variety of supplements and other items with the aim of protecting the health of important pets. With the help of veterinarians, we pursue functionality and safety while actually having dogs and cats try them.

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Dog station

A drive-in in Izu Kogen where you can eat and thoroughly enjoy your dog and make a cup of memories! This is a popular spot where you can spend your time with your dog, including outdoor and indoor dog runs, dining, shopping, and pottery.

■ Ubud Forest Izu Kogen Annex GRATIS
All-you-can-drink for one night with two meals
* There are no breed restrictions.
* Accommodation fee for dogs will be charged separately.

■ Oyado Izu Kogen
All-you-can-drink for two nights with two people on weekdays
* Below medium-sized dog
* Accommodation fee for dogs will be charged separately.

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EZYDOG (easy dog)

Outdoor dog gear brand [Easy Dog] on the Australian Gold Coast sells products that are particular about strength and durability using materials of water sports and outdoor products.

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Biore u

Biore u is a skin care brand that keeps the whole family's skin clean and healthy, from babies to adults. We care for the baby and family who want to protect them all the time, and we support Biore moms who watch lovingly.

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| Access |
5-23-16, Kotsubo, Zushi, Kanagawa, 249-0008, Japan 23-16
■ 7 minutes by car from JR Kamakura Station, JR Zushi Station, Keikyu Shin-Zushi Station
■ Free shuttle bus runs every 15 minutes from JR Kamakura Station [Parking lot available]
* There is a limit to the number of parking spaces. Please use public transportation when visiting.
| Inquiries |
Zushi Marina Pet Festa Executive Committee Secretariat
TEL: 0467-24-1000

For exhibitors

[Exhibition contract, cancellation of exhibition application, cancellation of contract]

■ Exhibitors have all rights to exhibit agreements and prepare for the entire event, including coordination with the exhibitors.
■ Even if there is an application for exhibition, if the organizer judges that it is not appropriate, it may be rejected.
■ The exhibition contract is concluded when the organizer accepts the exhibition application form.
Exhibitor understands and agrees to these Exhibit Rules and submits the Exhibit Application Form.
■ Exhibitors must pay the full booth fee by the date set by the organizer.
  The organizer has the right to cancel the exhibition contract if the applicant's payment cannot be confirmed, and this can be treated as cancellation.
■ Exhibitors have the right to use the booth from the start date of importing to the end date of unloading once the above-mentioned exhibition contract is concluded and the booth fee is fully paid.
■ If you offer to cancel some or all booths after the exhibition application deadline,
  It will be treated as a cancellation by the exhibitor and will be obliged to pay the cancellation fee in accordance with the provisions stipulated in this section.
・ In case of cancellation of 2019 December 16th Mon.-2019 December 31st Tue.: 50% of exhibition fee
・Cancellation after January 2020st Wed. 1: 100% of exhibition fee
* Because there is a possibility that we will not be able to respond by phone due to the New Year holidays,
If you contact us by December 31st 23:59 by email, it will be 50% eligible.

[Management and protection of exhibits]

■ Regarding the preservation of exhibits at the event venue, the organizer will make every effort to protect and manage the exhibits.
  We are not liable for any damages or compensation for any fire, theft, damage or other accidents that may occur.
■ It is advisable to insure your exhibit for insurance in case of an accident.

[Change / Cancellation of the event]

■ The organizer may cancel the event or change the event period due to natural disaster or other force majeure.
■ The organizer does not compensate the exhibitor for any damages caused by this.
  However, if the event is canceled in advance, all or part of the paid booth fee will be refunded.

[Changes to Exhibit Terms]

■ The organizer may change some of these rules in case of unavoidable circumstances.
  In this case, the exhibitor will comply with the new regulations after the change.