Mid-career hiring

■ Wedding planner (permanent employee)

<Ikebukuro> <Zushi>

Working hours

9:00 to 22:00 (shift system)

* If you have overtime, you will be paid overtime separately.
* 1-year variable working hours system (weekly average actual work within 40 hours)


■ Inexperienced person
Monthly salary 20-28 yen

■ Experienced people
Monthly salary 23-30 yen

* The above minimum amount is the minimum guaranteed amount.
We will make a decision by fully considering experience, ability, salary of previous job, etc.

<Model collection>
25 yen / 25 years old / 1 year old / inexperienced
30 yen / 29 years old / 1 year old / experienced person

<Annual income for the first year>
300 yen to 450 yen

Salary increases / bonuses

Salary increase / once a year
Bonus / twice a year

Various benefits

・ Overtime
・ Full transportation expenses
・ Job title
・ Personal expenses (4,000 yen / month), etc.

Holidays / holidays

・ Complete weekly two-day system (Sunday / Wednesday)
・ Special vacation (birth date, marriage, etc.)
・ Annual paid leave (granted for 6 days after 10 months of the company), etc.

* Other leave depends on work regulations.


High school graduate or above, inexperienced person possible

Job description

It is a job to create a wedding ceremony for the bride and groom who came to the tour from the guidance of the venue to the wedding ceremony on the day.