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The story of a senior couple

A peaceful and gentle two-hearted, heart-full wedding with a Japanese theme

Gensaku Takasaku and Taeko Maruyama

Ceremony / March 2016th, 6

Venue / Terrace Horizon

A groom who is a vice-principal of a venerable temple called Saruhatayama Hosoji Temple in Zushi City, and a bride whose former job was a kindergarten teacher. After a ceremonial ceremony at the temple, a party was held at Terrace Horizon. We would like to report on a peaceful and heartwarming party where balloon releases were held with kindergarten students. ︎

Venue used
Video report 1

  • A smiling frame at the temple. Both of them seem happy!
  • Balloon release together!
  • A Japanese cake decorated with fresh flowers, the first part-time job
  • Celebration performance of guests!
  • Showcasing the ceremony at the Buddha's ceremony

Wedding ceremony at the temple in a solemn atmosphere

The bride looks a little nervous after finishing her dress at the Seaside Riviera dress salon.The appearance of the siblings surrounding and taking a commemorative photo is very smiling, and you can see how close they are.At the Hosei-ji Temple, where the wedding ceremony is held, a groom dressed in a white robe warmly welcomed the bride's relatives.Together with the drinkers and relatives, I prayed for eternal love vows and prosperity of both families in a solemn atmosphere in front of the Buddha.

Balloon release with students!

In the garden, the bride's pretty students gathered one after another, waiting for their favorite teacher.When the bride and groom arrive, cheers to the teacher who has a different atmosphere than usual! !!The mothers who accompany the bride and groom in Japanese wedding costumes also say "Congratulations!" And "Lovely!" One after another.Everyone holds the balloon firmly and releases the balloon all at once with a shout signal!

The party is a harmonious hospitality!

Two people coordinated the entire venue with the theme of Japanese taste. The headless, which has been changed from a wig to Western hair and uses abundant fresh flowers, further emphasizes the soft impression of the bride. The Japanese taste ball bouquet is very nice. Surrounded by close people and loved ones, the two of us also have a smile.

Tears of excitement in the personalities of the two with a family feeling

Two people who have been very obedient and sincere and have a family feeling. The gentle personalities of the two were overflowing in the speeches of the ladies and gentlemen. At the end of the party, at the letter of the bride and the speech of the priest of the priest, the guests were crying and warmed. We will meet such kindhearted two people and will surely build a warmer family.

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