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The story of a senior couple

Cruising direction! Seaside wedding that can be fulfilled at the place of memories

Hideaki Sato, Kaori Yokoyama

Wedding Day / 2015 November 23rd

Venue/Riviera Seabornia Clubhouse

Two of them, who are co-workers of the company and have a hobby of "fishing," who love the sea. The groom chose Sibonia as the setting for a sunny day because he and his father came here to fish here near Sibonia, and both of them visited on a date. It's a must-see for cruising entry that takes advantage of the fact that the sea is in front of you, a relaxing time with guests, and a coordinated adult color!

Venue used
Video report 1

  • Girl's longing, wedding dress. "Are you ready?"
  • Walk the Virgin Road with Flower Girl & Ring Boy
  • Open ceremony on the deck. The oath is a copywriter's groom's original
  • Gradient wedding cake that matches the coordination of the venue
  • Fruit and colorful dessert buffet that feels resort

Surprise entry from the sea

How the bride and groom enter from the sea! At the announcement of the moderator, when you go out to the poolside, you will find two people on a boat from a distant sea! Guests are welcomed with their smiles.

Ceremony space and party venue summarized in adult colors

The back of the chair in the ceremony space is decorated with original flowers, and the party space is coordinated with flowers such as hydrangea, roses, and hyacinths. It is colored in blue, purple and pink colors and has a sense of unity.

Contact time with guests on board

As your meal progresses, guests and boats will head. Shooting on the boat or in the cockpit where there is no chance to get on board is a fun way to chat with guests and take photos. Not only for children, but for adults as well, it was an irreplaceable time to remember.

Night lights decorate a romantic moment

The meal is an original course that uses plenty of seasonal riverfish and local Miura ingredients. As you enjoy your meal while interacting with guests, the sky gradually changes to deeper colors over time. The recolored dress is dark blue, inspired by the sea, and has a different impression than the wedding dress.

Message from the staff in charge

Congratulations Hideaki and Kaori.
Thank you for choosing "Sibonia" as a wedding stage for two people who love fishing. Surrounded by the sea you love, it was a day in which the two of us wished to have a wedding. We are very happy that our guests can enjoy the many special items and productions that are associated with the "sea", "fishing" and "fish"!
Please come and visit us at Family (^^) All the Riviera staff are waiting for you.
I wish you many years of happiness…!

Wedding Producer Mariko Nakamura

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