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The story of a senior couple

WELCOME ABOARD! Wedding flight with 90 guests✈

Shota Kokubun / Maka Tsukiji

Wedding Day / May 2015rd, 23

Venue / Blue Vista Riviera

The two set the schedule for the day of the wedding and set out on the theme of “comfortable flight 523 flights”. Including wedding items and paper items as well as weddings with creative ideas for flowers! Pilot Shota-san and CA Ma-ka-san had a wonderful day.

Venue used

  • Wedding swearing to the sky and the ocean
  • Two girls in uniforms welcome guests
  • The seat tag is like a boarding pass and looks like a ticket
  • Hospitality with first-class cuisine
  • The group photo to commemorate the boarding is full of openness ✈

TAKE OFF! The beginning of a special day

The party started with a welcome speech by Shota, saying "Thank you for boarding today" like an in-flight announcement. Next, Ms. Maka's welcome speech was a wonderful announcement unique to active CA, and the whole venue was filled with expectations.

90 airplanes to color the party venue

The paper plane, which is perfect for the Blue Vista venue overlooking the wide sky, is an original item handmade by the two guests with the name of each guest.Decorated the party venue with a florist and carefully finished flowers ✈

Re-colored entrance is like an in-flight announcement!

At each table, a re-colored entrance that introduces the relationship with the two on a light in-flight announcement. At the friend table, the party venue was excited with a smart announcement that it was temporarily caught in the turbulence! It was a wonderful production that could introduce guests to the relationship.

Dessert time in a superb cabin

A short break on a deck overlooking the sea from an air travel. After the cake sword ceremony, we cut to the number of guests and welcomed guests. The dessert time on the deck where the sea breeze is comfortable is a popular point unique to the Seaside Riviera.

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