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The story of a senior couple

At-home wedding that values ​​time with guests

Mataki and Koyama

Yuzo Mataki and Hidee Koyama

Ceremony / 2015 April 12th

Venue / Bayshore

Two people who met while working part-time at a coffee shop. He just moved to Kamakura last year and said he wanted to have a wedding near the open sea. The venue this time is Bay Shore, which is the closest to the sea on the Seaside Riviera. At the reception, we will report on the two parties that we want guests to relax and unwind. I love to cook from day to day, and it was a party stuck to "food". Also pay attention to their handmade items!

Venue used

  • Following the blessings of our guests
  • Commemorative photo with all guests
  • Cheers on the wooden deck overlooking the sea and marina!
  • Coordination of two people's commitment
  • Handmade recipes written on seat tags

12 gerbera servings

The bride and groom receive a gerbera flower while being blessed by 12 precious guests. We hand bouquet of gerbera from groom to bride and complete bouquet which united bond with guests. It was a public ceremony where you could feel the connection of people in an at-home atmosphere.

Gerbera public

Appetizer buffet on open wooden deck

As soon as we arrived, we were guided to a wooden deck facing the sea. Enjoy a drink and soak your throat and enjoy a bite-sized appetizer, while also talking with relatives and friends you've met after a long time. In addition, I spent a relaxing time taking a commemorative photo with the sea in the background.

Appetizer buffet

Sword to cheese! ?

Because the bride is qualified as a "cheese professional," a "cheese sword" was performed instead of a "wedding cake sword." After that, she was cut along with the teachers and friends in the classroom where the bride attended, and acted as guests. The two special cheeses that you can taste elegantly rich, the toppings are brightly colored with fruits and jam, and the compatibility with wine was outstanding.

Cheese sword

Surprise to friends

A bouquet gift from the bride to a moderator friend! ? In fact, the friend who moderated it was a senior bride who had a wedding three years ago at the Seaside Riviera. The bride was the one who received the bouquet at that time. The friend who was presented with a bouquet designed exactly the same way as that time was very impressed, and the venue was surrounded by a very warm atmosphere.

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