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The story of a senior couple

Strengthen bonds between family and guests! Family wedding with all participants

Takaya Hanaoka, Rina Matsunichi Rie

Ceremony / March 2015th, 9

Venue / Ocean Suite

From the desire to "convey appreciation to the guests who take care of us everyday," "to value the connection with people," and "if we can deepen our bonds through weddings," we will change the theme to "Great Thanksgiving & Daido Alumni Association" ] And decided! The day of March 9th is the anniversary of their joining. And it is birthday of beloved daughter, Rin. We will report on the wedding that is fun and exciting for parents and children.

Venue used
Video report 1

  • Rin and the groom enter. It's great to bow properly!
  • After the ceremony, enjoy an appetizer buffet by the pool
  • Colorful dishes using special radish and lettuce are very popular
  • Dancing with a fascinating belly dance!
  • Nakaza, with three good friends and Rin-chan wearing a matching costume

I am moved by the surprise that only you can understand!

The ceremony was held by holding hands with the groom and his child Rin. Rin-chan is also wrapped in a white costume and looks pretty like an angel. The drama happened during the ring exchange. On the ring pillow is an important ring that the bride has lost. The groom had just replaced the bride just before. The bride can't hide the surprise. The groom's gentle feelings glowed brilliantly.

Bless your 2nd birthday

When the birthday song started playing, cute cakes appeared. The base of the cake is handmade by the bride. Blow on the candles and everyone cracks the crackers! For the celebration, a cute balloon was presented, and a friend, Jukiya, gave a bouquet motif. "Rin-chan, happy birthday"

Profiles from 10 important people & messages from brothers and sisters

The profile introduction of the two is a style where the person who was deeply associated with each era introduces it. We talked with the groom about the memories of those days, and it was a constant time for the smiles of the two to ooze. Last is a comment from planner Nakata of this venue. When I was guided around the wedding venue, I was selected because I felt a connection. A warm message from your brothers and sisters tells you about your friendship.

Candle relay connecting all guests

A candle relay that lights up the fire at each table is the last production of the party. We light the fire to the neighbor, and after the venue is wrapped in gentle candles, we all pray together and blow out the fire. It was a heartwarming moment to feel a sense of unity and connection with the guests.

Message from the staff in charge

Congratulations on this time. Rin-chan also happy birthday. I was really impressed by the very warm wedding ceremony according to the keyword "tie" between them. Thank you for the surprise to me. In addition, please come to play with three families. We'll be expecting you.

Wedding planner Keitaro Nakata

Takaya, who lives with dreams and pride, and Rie, who is always bright and working hard, Rin-chan, a smile full of those two important treasures. The party created by the family of three was able to help the guests as well as the staff together and have fun! In addition, it was a warm party where you could feel strongly that you were spending time with the affection of the guests. Congratulations!

Wedding Producer Asami Mori

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