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The story of a senior couple

Informal and at-home party, regardless of format

Mr. Liu and Mr. Suzuko Harada

Ceremony / 2015 January 12th

Venue / Bayshore

A groom from China who likes Kamakura and Enoshima and a bride whose ideal wedding ceremony is surrounded by nature with a view of the sea. On the day, the weather was fine enough to clearly see Mt. Fuji and Enoshima from the terrace of the party venue. We will report on the wedding and the party, with the two of them thinking "the feelings" and "the time spent together" for the guests.

Venue used

  • Group photo in front of the chapel. The nervousness of the ceremony is also relaxed, and everyone has a wonderful smile!
  • From the terrace to the superb view over Mt.Fuji and Enoshima
  • Decorated floral and shell-shaped menus and seats that reproduce the atmosphere of a tropical resort on a table
  • The production of the cake is varied with last, example, first byte
  • Nakaza's partner is the groom's mother and the bride's sister
  • Everyone is excited about the bouquet pulls on the terrace!
  • Toasting and taking a commemorative photo with each table taking into account the gratitude.

Original public expression

Bride and groom who chose a public ceremony rather than a Christian ceremony because sometimes they are not good at solid atmosphere. The original word of oath is full of two. Leaving, receiving the blessing of flower showers from guests.

Welcome drink ...?

In cold weather, the warm drinks provided by the two guests as welcome drinks for guests who attended. Three types are available to enjoy the scent. It was "hospitality" where you can take care of both guests.

Ceremony of candle relay

Newly dressed candles are in the hands of the two who entered. The relay of the light (light) to the guests with the feeling of "Hello, please." When everyone's candles light up, a ceremony that blows out with all your heart, "I hope your wishes come true." It was a production that increased the sense of unity within the venue.

Gift of the song from the groom to the bride

At the stage of the meeting, the groom said that he would decide whether to do it based on his throat condition on the day. He said he practiced too much at karaoke, but he showed off. The singing voice was so wonderful that not only the bride but also the guests were drawn in.

Hot hug with the groom mother

The party is also a fun time. When the bride and groom presented their presents to their parents, there was a scene of a hot hug between the groom and the bride. The scene filled with gratitude and my feelings from now on was filled with the emotions of the venue.

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