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The story of a senior couple

A wedding that conveys thanks at the popular venue “Blue Vista Riviera”

Ryota Kadowaki, Mayu Kitajima

Ceremony Day / 2014 1February 28th

Venue / Blue Vista

Two friends met at a gathering of friends in junior high school. A lovely bride with a cute and smiling face to the sincere and gentle groom. The two weddings with such a theme were "Deliver Thanks". Please take a look at a nice report that shows the kindness of both of you.

Venue used

  • A vow in a glass chapel as if it were floating in the sky
  • Excellent sense! Elegant decorations decorating the venue
  • Welcome board made by a friend, Naolin
  • Family also participates! A DVD production made by a friend is a moment of heartwarming
  • The sea is right in front of you! Commemorative photo on the spacious private terrace

Ocean view chapel "AQUA PEARL" with a mysterious ceiling that resembles air bubbles

The stage of the wedding is a mysterious chapel reminiscent of the pure sight of the goddess being born. The Virgin Road, inspired by the deep sea, makes the white bride and groom stand out even more, and the sunlight pouring through the glass gently envelops them. The ceremony began with mother's bale-down, father's escort, and was deeply carved in the hearts of attendees.

Two popular cake bites! "Last byte with mother" & "BIG spoon?"

After cutting the cake, the moderator made an announcement to call each mother ... Actually, as a surprise production, we prepared "Last Byte" to let the mother eat the cake. This is a very popular production recently, and it is a heart-warming production with a lot of affection from the mother who gave me the first meal at birth to the graduation of child care. Next, first byte using BIG spoon. The groom's full mouth was impressive!

From sky blue to orange sky gradually. A moment on the refreshing terrace

In the second half of the party, a dessert buffet time is set on the vast wooden deck. It overlooks Enoshima in front and monopolizes the finest panoramic views. The sea is so close that you can reach it with your reach, and you can see fish swimming under the sea. For those who wanted to express their gratitude to their important guests, it was the perfect time to hear the laughter they enjoyed from here and there, and it was a time full of smiles.

Message from the producer in charge

Congratulations on this time.
Ryota who always respects what she wants to do and Mr. Ryota who always listens to Ryota's opinion. They had a very gentle atmosphere and were healed at every meeting. The tabletop flowers and the tablecloths and paper items that matched them were very brilliant at the Blue Vista venue, and it was very impressive to see the guests using them for photography. We want guests to enjoy the scenery and meals relaxedly! I think it's a wonderful wedding where those two thoughts took shape.
Please come and visit us in the future! All the staff are waiting.

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