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The story of a senior couple

~ Wishing to Enoshima for memories ~ Shonan Happy Wedding full of smiles

Motoki Goto, Ayano Matsuda

Ceremony Day / September 2014th 28

Venue / Blue Vista

Two people met in the same company. In a situation where the rest was difficult to meet each other, this party venue was selected, "I want to be a place where I can see Enoshima," a place where I could go on a date. We will report on a party with a sense of openness that has been created so that you can enjoy the atmosphere and cuisine of Shonan in a trip feeling!

Venue used

  • You can also see Enoshima from the chapel
  • Nakaza, my brother. Groom, they have identical twins!
  • Commemorative photos with guests at Photo Props
  • The chef (groom) himself serves chop ice
  • Welcome space is coordinated by bride

Original coordination of antique & innocent white

The main table is dressed in white tulle and coordinated with green and antique-style accessories. It is a tasteful finish that is neat but packed with attention to detail. The photos incorporate two people, and casually produce their originality.

What does the groom use for the first byte?

A wedding cake with a natural taste designed by the bride. By showing the baked dough itself, you can decorate it with fruits and flowers while creating a pure atmosphere.
Groom's first byte, the chef of a French restaurant, is a cooking tool that the groom always uses at work. Open your big mouth and say "Ah!"

The party begins on the terrace deck under the blue sky ♪

As the curtain of the venue rises slowly, the bride and groom and the staff are in a line in front of you! As if to tell the beginning of the party, the dessert time started with the crackers beeping. In front of the sea, I was able to take pictures, enjoy desserts and drinks on the sofa, and enjoy a wonderful time surrounded by nature.

Surprise from the groom

The groom had been looking forward to the bride's dress until the day. I was surprised on the day, hiding my joy. When the party approaches the comfort, a surprise message from the groom to the bride. When you read the letter and send your thoughts to the bride, the bride's eyes shine.

Message from the two

I wanted to have a wedding at a chapel with a view of the sea, a place where you can see Enoshima, a memory of your memories. I was impressed by seeing the stand-alone chapel, and my heart was shaken but put on hold, and I went to another ceremony hall, but after six months, I decided to visit again. I visited Blue Vista, which I did not see last time, and it was intuitive! I decided quickly that it was exactly what we wanted.
On that day, I was blessed with the finest weather I had ever attended and was impressed by the glittering and sparkling view of the sea seen during the wedding. The virgin road was so beautiful blue that it seemed to be really connected to the sea. In addition, Mt. Fuji is on the back of Enoshima, where the curtains open at the same time as the sun opens and the sun sets in the sunset. No one came even after waiting for the see-off, and everyone was taking photos on the terrace! Anyway the location is great!
Our theme is "I want guests to enjoy their meal time while watching the scenery." The ceremony program can be freely decided from the beginning to the end, so it was perfect for us who wanted originality!
And, above all, each and every staff was always smiling, and they were all nice people who were kind to me.
There were times when I thought I wouldn't do it because it would cost money, but after giving up my wedding, I was really glad that I had a really happy day. I was very happy to hear the words from the guests that they were the best they have ever been.
We had a wedding on the Riviera and this land became our special place. On the wedding anniversary, always come to the Riviera! Thank you, Team Blue Vista and Riviera!

Message from producer

Ayano who always talks happily with Nico Nico.Motoki gently supports Ayano's feelings even if the number of words is small.The meeting with the two was a very enjoyable time with constant laughter.I would like to express my gratitude to the parents and guests who have raised me so far.The two people's strong desires were scattered everywhere, such as dishes, wedding cakes, flower coordination, costumes, dessert buffets, etc.The staff involved were able to receive, move, and mobilize their passionate feelings.I am honored to be able to help you with a wonderful and happy day.Motoki-san, Ayano-san, forever, forever, happy ...! !! !!And again, please come and see Enoshima from BLUE VISTA.All the staff are waiting from the bottom of my heart.

TEAM BLUE VISTA Representative
Wedding producer Mariko Nakamura

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