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The story of a senior couple

Natural Coordination & Garden Enjoy Wedding

Takuya Nakajima and Risa Yokoyama

Ceremony Day / September 2014th 20

Venue / Aqua Garden

Active grooms whose hobbies are surfing, camping and voltaling, and brides who are apparel designers. The ceremony was held strictly at Tsuruoka Hachimangu, a place where the groom had longed while attending. The party turned around and said, "I want to do a relaxing wedding without straining my shoulders!"

Venue used

  • The groom's longing crest clothing
  • I pledge with a pure heart
  • The welcome space is packed with brides' handmade items! With the photos I took before
  • The dessert time is the time you want. Hospitality of guests with chop ice by bride
  • Commemorative photo with all guests in the garden! Fuji and Enoshima can be seen behind

Garden admission ☆

The two enter the garden and the party starts. The bride is guided by children with handmade flags and appears in the green garden! You will be wrapped in the warm applause of guests.

Excellent cuteness! Original wedding cake

The cutting of the wedding cake is also done in the garden. The area around the cake is still baked and very unique! Decorated with greens and fruits, perfect for coordinating natural taste!

Natural coordination based on green & yellow

The venue coordinated with yellow flowers as the point color is a masterpiece of the bride and florist! The design of the fringe garland and bottle label on the main table was handmade by the bride. It was so popular that the guests took photos before they entered.

Nakaza time with family

Nakaza's opponent nominates their parents. Parents are pickled by surprise nomination! If you look at your facial expressions, you can see that they are a wonderful family with a constant smile.

A commemorative photo of a new family in the changing landscape

One of the charms of the party in the garden is that it shows a different look over time. During the fantastic time of the twilight, light the torchlight and flash a piece of irreplaceable memories with your family!

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