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The story of a senior couple

Hospitality cruising from two to guests!

Tatsuya Shibata, Miki Ito

Ceremony / 2014 May 18th

Venue / Marina Terrace

A surprise cruising party realized by two sea lovers who are particular about it! During the romantic time at sunset, the two sailed in a wonderful way.

Venue used

  • Blessed with weather, the best cruising weather
  • Both bride and groom and guests are full of smiles!
  • Return from short cruise with sunset back
  • After the toast, everyone dances to the song!
  • A surprise part-time job for dad and mom is urgently participating in his brother!

The cruising of the bride who wanted to grant by all means

After the wedding at the chapel with a view of the sea, a cruising party for the bride and groom to give them a try. I have had many meetings with the producer, and finally realized it! It was a wonderful day to remember.

While waiting for a cruise, the venue will be excited by a golf tournament!

Cruising sailed in two groups. Meanwhile, the party venue is transformed into a golf putting tournament! Aiming for prizes, golfers with amazing skills (?) Fought a hot battle! I also enjoyed the appetizer and signed the comment board for them.

A cute cake with a cute decoration on the golf course, the first byte

Next to the cruising is a wedding cake decorated with a golf course. Lots of tricks full of resort feeling! Marzipan decorations that look exactly like the two are also enjoying golf happily!

A grateful speech from the groom

Finally, a grateful speech from the groom to the bride and parents, guests at the ladies and guests, and the Riviera staff, filled the venue with excitement. Make friends and happy forever!

Message from the staff in charge

Tatsuya Miki

Congratulations on this time.
I am very pleased to have helped you with your first Seaside Riviera cruising wedding. It was really quick for about three months since the meeting started. They always thought of their guests carefully and also thought of their wedding with their uniqueness.
A cruising and golf putting tournament, self-photos, a dance with a sense of unity with guest participation, and the cutting of original cakes.
Please come and visit us anytime for your memories, again for cruising, fishing and dinner after golf. We look forward to seeing you again.

Wedding Producer Tomonori Tsuda

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