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The story of a senior couple

Impressive "Romantic wedding" incorporating the traditions of Europe, America and Europe

Aiji Ishikawa and Haruka Kiyoi

Ceremony / 2014 January 12th

Venue / Terrace Horizon

The two of us met at a university in Kansai and have been on a sunny day for five years. The hopeful wedding ceremony at the chapel with the view of the sea was blessed with fine weather at the appropriate moment to start life. We would like to introduce you to a wonderful wedding surrounded by hand-crafted items that will make you happy, as if you were a school teacher.

Venue used

  • A guest smiles at the cute "Ring Boy"
  • Bouquettos & group photo time under the clear blue sky!
  • Smile is dazzling! Cake sword scene
  • With a blue shining ocean view in the background, a new look!
  • One piece to celebrate with guests using popular wedding items

"Popular wedding" incorporating bouquet boutonniere derived from old European tradition

The ceremony where the two were chosen incorporates the scene that "a young man who was in love with the bride asked for permission to marry her, got a flower from a person in the village and proposed it" Groom Gathered flowers from attendants and made a bouquet for the bride. As a sign of OK, the bride pulled out a flower from the bouquet and put it in the groom's pocket as a boutonniere. A scene like a scene from a foreign movie, a warm blessing from the guests.

Public signature is an "original wedding tree" created with all guests

The "wedding tree" that the two people have incorporated into their signatures is not well known in Japan, but it is one of the popular wedding productions in the birthplace of Europe and the United States. A campus with a bare tree. This tree represents the bride and groom who are about to get married. Guests will be asked to affix a "sign" along with a "sign" to the branch of this tree for the blessing of the two and the approval of the marriage. And ... each of those finger marks becomes a leaf and a tree is completed! The sign of the marriage signature of "the two" is there. A new signature form that connects with all guests. The two smiling faces were impressive!

unique! Honeymoon destination decided by bride's father's "struck out"

One of the unique productions of the two, "Struck Out". At the time of reception, guests will vote on the "honeymoon destination that I want them to go to", and during the party, the two will select a few by lot. Apply that travel destination to nine frames and reach the time of destiny! At the moment of throwing a ball of the father who plays an important role, a feeling of tension flows in the venue ... It was decided to be "Venice of Italy"! I was impressed with their big hands and their happy faces! It was a wonderful idea production that excited the venue.

After the delight, we are impressed with the producer and manager in charge.

I had a fun meeting with them every time, and it was very impressive to see them doing "location shooting" happily.On that day, the struck out involving my father was very exciting!If you go to the fixed travel destination "Venice of Italy", please come and visit us again to talk about your memories!

Responsible producer Reimi Matsukura

I myself enjoyed the escort with great pleasure. "I really enjoyed it," and I was overjoyed to hear from them. From now on, please feel free to come and visit us anytime. We'll be waiting for your visit sincerely.

Manager in charge Shosuke Tsuji

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