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The story of a senior couple

The theme is laughter and excitement! Full of entertainment ☆ Wedding of laughter and tears

Yasushi Ogawa, Erika Sato

Wedding Day / 2012 December 22nd

Venue / Ocean Suite

Two people who love marathons and alcohol. I want to make a noise with all the guests in the best place... With that in mind, we chose the Seaside Riviera, which is easily accessible from Tokyo and offers a vast ocean view. Now, let's take a look at the various events on the day.

Venue used

  • A welcome board that looks just like the two is handmade by the bride's father!
  • A peaceful wedding ceremony watched by XNUMX guests
  • After the color change, the groom like a pink big Buddha! (Enter the Tokyo / Osaka Marathon with this mask)
  • The beer tank service is a big hit with all the guests!
  • In the second half, a moving speech and comedy entertainment! In addition, all of the marathon friends sing Sarai!

Face first byte

First bite after cutting the wedding cake. The more excitement the cake has on your face! The taste of Riviera cake is the best!

Directing the weather! Miraculous sunny weather!

The wedding started with unfortunate weather. After the great entertainment that everyone sang and opened the blinds ... the heavenly side and the rainy day pecan weather! Tears glowed in the eyes of the women, and it was a heartwarming scene.

Group photo with everyone!

It is a privilege of the Riviera to be able to take a group photo of all 100 people at a wonderful seaside location! The best shot was taken in miraculous sunny weather.

Impression after the wedding from us

After the wedding, the guests received many words of praise saying, "It was fun to tears! The venue was excellent and the food was very delicious! Thanks for calling!" We really thank the staff who have been involved in us!

Advice for those who are going to have a wedding

Above all, the seaside location has plenty of staff who really support them so that meetings and costumes are very fun and you can have a wonderful time. It's going to be a wonderful wedding that you're glad you did here! have fun!

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