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The story of a senior couple

Do everything you want! ORIGINAL WEDDING created with free ideas!

S / E

Ceremony / June 2016th, 4

Venue / The Garden

"Happy and delicious times!" The two certified dietitians have been preparing for a wedding under the theme of this keyword. A bright and smiling wedding party with a fun-filled party. Also pay attention to the coordination full of originality and delicious production.

Video report 1

  • Original public ceremony completed with signatures from all guests
  • An original flower arrangement that looks like two people with vegetables
  • Waiting space filled with ideas that guests can enjoy
  • Make your kimono with a color change. Very well suited
  • Free time to enjoy in the green garden

Who flew in the air following the bouquet ...?!

Two weddings that incorporate items from each other's hometown. First of all, following the bouquet, from the bride and groom, Tokushima Prefecture, and the bride, from Gunma Prefecture, toss the stuffed character mascot! The party will be excited with original ideas.

The cake is also an original symbol of the two

Something is written on the square-shaped wedding cake ... What is spelled out is the "Managed Dietitian Couple License" that looks like a managed dietician license owned by the two! When you put a heart-shaped chocolate with the two names drawn, the guests applaud the approval. It is the birth of a managed dietitian couple.

There are also two styles that match the appearance of the kimono

Next, Dharma, which has a thriving industry in Gunma Prefecture, appeared. This Dharma that complements the two dressed in Japanese dresses even more. In fact, the originals made by the relatives of the bride for this day! Blessing applause was received from the venue for the joint work of “Geki”, the original production of Kimono and Dharma.

Hmm? Buffet not dessert? ?

The ultimate production created with free ideas! What appeared in the garden was the dessert buffet, “Udon Buffet” Udon is Mizusawa Udon in Gunma, famous for Japan's three largest udon. Toppings include Tokushima's specialties, Sudachi and Hasune-aged, and Gunma's specialty, Tororo. The party time was fun, with udon finished with your favorite sauce and toppings.