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The story of a senior couple

The dessert buffet is a surprise! Lively and refreshing wedding at Terrace BBQ!

Masato Otani and Akira Ozawa

Ceremony / 2016 April 29th

Venue / Mandarin Oasis

Everyone loves to get excited! A barbecue wedding on the terrace that they both wanted to do. The bride and groom and the guests together had a fun and fun party. After the barbecue, a surprise dessert buffet from the groom to the bride! ! We will deliver an impressive wedding with laughter and tears.

Venue used
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  • From father to groom, the moment of baton touch
  • To friendship sisters to the color change
  • The groom's middle seat is a horseback riding with a friend!
  • Guests are also excited about the BBQ buffet!
  • Groom's surprise buffet. That's wonderful!

Cheering from the chapel to the admired bride

"I'm not nervous at all!" Said the bride and groom with a relaxed mood from the beginning. The sound of the bells of the charms of each guest continually resounds from the laid-back chapel. At the moment when the magic blinds were cleared all at once, guests cheered "cute!" ! On the day of their brilliance, they shouted in vows of exclamation and blessing and made an oath of eternal love before God.

Re-entry is open from the terrace with a BBQ buffet!

Appearance from the terrace. As the curtains gradually rise, there are two kinds of BBQs on the terrace that look delicious with the two who decided to wear them in Japanese style! The bride and groom are having a good time chatting with their friends while the guests are enjoying lively and delicious sashimi on the terrace. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable scene!

A wonderful surprise for the bride's birthday!

After enjoying the BBQ buffet, the groom grabs the microphone and a comment is sent to the bride. The next day is a bride's birthday. As a gift, set the "dessert buffet" that the bride wanted to do secretly, and a surprise gift! At first, the bride was surprised because she did not know what had happened, but she and her friends enjoyed the groom's heartfelt surprise present.

A hot message from the groom to the parents!

At the end of the reception, the groom gave a surprise letter from the groom to the parents during the last speech to the guests. The groom was filled with tears from the beginning of the reading, and the letter of thanks was written in the letter. The sincere figure was inviting tears to the attendees. Two people who can build a new home, happy forever!

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