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The story of a senior couple

Under the theme of their favorite "denim"!
Outstanding sense of casual style wedding ♪

Keisuke Dobashi, Eriko Ota

Ceremony / March 2016th, 26

Venue / Mandarin Oasis

Two guests who love "denim" and "sneakers" have prepared for their guests a casual style wedding with a great sense! It was a party full of love for both, such as handmade welcome boards, paper items, and matching corsages for all guests ♪ Please see with a wonderful smile of both guests and guests.

Venue used

  • We promise to marry our guests in public with XNUMX roses.
  • A group photo after the wedding with all the guests, surrounded by refreshing greenery!
  • There is no such thing as a good book! Write a message on the skateboard ♪
  • Flower coordination of haze grass according to the casual atmosphere of the two
  • Engagement rings, nails and flowers! A wedding where everything is coordinated ♪

First of all, entertain guests with two handmade items ♪

The corsage on the escort card is handmade by the bride with thoughts one by one. The moment you step into the venue, your hospitality begins. From name cards, tablecloths, and table napkins, a casual party that shines with a sense of total coordination with your favorite "denim"! !

The discerning original cake looks and tastes great! !

At the request of the groom, who is not good at sweets, we have prepared an original wedding cake using waffles. The groom, whose mouth is full of cakes at the first byte ceremony, smiles ♪ The reporter's shutter sound does not stop on the wedding cake I have never seen!

For the recoloring, put on a specially selected denim jacket ♪

Re-entry of the color change like two stylish! I thought from the entrance, and from the coordinated terrace, surprise entrance with a dessert buffet ♪ This is also a great excitement for guests! The photo time on the terrace decorated with their favorite "denim" and "sneakers" was also very popular ♪

Surprise production with grandmother is also a great success ♪

In the midst of the color change, the two have been loved since their childhood, and have a surprise with their grandmothers! In a sudden event, my grandmother's eyes tears involuntarily. It became a warm wedding party like two people who value both guests and family ♪

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