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The story of a senior couple

Sea bream! Blessing ☆ A heartwarming wedding party filled with thoughts for guests


Ceremony / 2016 February 21st

Venue / Mandarin Oasis

Proposed in a hotel suite, a situation that would be longing for any woman, the two who joined February 11th are so good that they often go out on a trip. It was a large sea bream kamaboko that they wanted to share their happiness with. Introducing the guest's commitment party!

Venue used

  • Ring exchange after vow
  • Blessing message from guest
  • When the two entered the party venue, the light on the table lit gently
  • Open your mouth wide and say "Ah!"
  • Celebratory dance from friends

Blessed flower shower on the terrace deck

After the ceremony at the crystal chapel where warm light falls, a flower shower surrounded by many guests on the terrace deck! Gentle pink feathers, pink and white petals and a smile of your blessings envelop you.

Thailand! Large sea bream kamaboko enters

The red item that attracted the attention of "what is it?" Is a big large sea bream kamaboko. In Toyama Prefecture, where the groom came from, kamaboko is an item used as a fortune-telling. A ceremony of kamaboko cutting swords was held by friends selected from the bride and groom.

Where are they from? Surprise entry!

I thought that the place where the two people were recolored appeared from the door that entered the party at the start of the party, but what a dark curtain rises and they are in the arbor of the terrace! When we entered the party venue, we took a commemorative photo at each table to contact many guests from far away.

For those born in February! Birthday present

For guests born in February, the birthday cake is spelled out on a plate with a wedding cake. It's a very worrisome guest feeling that you can only remember the guest's birthday.

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