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The story of a senior couple

Heartwarming hospitality that conveys thoughts to important people during the holiday season

Kazuki Minagawa, Yuki Yamatani

Ceremony / 2015 December 19th

Venue / Ray Landy

Two people with a friendly smile. Coordinating the party with blue as a key color because I love the sea. In addition, you can see a reminder of your family, where you can enjoy a warm personality, because you want a wedding reception for your relatives. Introducing such a moving party with laughter and tears.

Venue used

  • The ceremony on the Royal Blue Virgin Road was the deciding factor in closing
  • Resort style table coordination for Christmas time, like a sea lover
  • Bride also likes blue Christmas cards that match the coordination
  • A dish of gorgeous lobster of the groom
  • Group photo on a sunny terrace

The facilitator is Father!

The groom's father, who is a very good talker who can help with the progress of the party! In addition to inviting laughter, my heart was filled with excitement, such as the groom's episode saying "Birthday is a day to thank my parents" and my father gave congratulatory words on my own birthday .

A dish with gratitude to your relatives

A dish of Ise prawns that both of us have been looking forward to having our guests enjoy. The groom serves the dishes himself, and the bride hands out chocolate gifts to each and every one. It was a fun time to take a picture at each table and talk happily without laughter.

Video screening to impress the venue

An upbringing video screening is an important production that introduces the two to loved ones. During the screening, they wrapped the venue with tears and excitement.

Surprise is a bouquet presentation

A three-piece clock made from a single tree is a surprise gift for parents. Gives the meaning "meaning the same time even when you are away". The bride's letter to her parents was really touching.

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