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The story of a senior couple

The party venue is colored leaves! Tuna in a shiny kimono? Appears in a surprising style



Ceremony / 2015 October 31st

Venue / balcony suite

Two people met at work. A bride with a strong sense of responsibility and a kind heart to a sincere groom. The ceremony was celebrated on July XNUMX in the yearning of Hawaii and celebrated today. The two of such suits were prepared for a wedding under the theme of "autumn leaves" and "Kimono & Tuna". Ideas shine everywhere. Please take a look at the wonderful report that warms you.

Venue used

  • Flower showerJust like a princess! Flower shower and photo time in the garden
  • GardenSpend with guests! A moment in the green garden
  • First byteA stylish chocolate cake appears! Friend sword & first byte
  • GuestFull of smiles! With an important guest for recoloring
  • Raw fishfresh! Sashimi and Nigiri sushi just tasted are exquisite

Excellent sense! GOLD × RED hospitality with high quality “Autumn coordinates”

The venue "Balcony Suite" where the two were chosen is a modern and popular venue. In this stylish space, they were prepared to deliver the "autumn leaves" to their guests. Each table is adorned with tall trees and the main table is luxuriously decorated with red dahlia. The dynamic and preeminent coordination was suitable for the party stage, and I was very pleased.


Professional face! The second room is "display" with a sense of "Hawaii"

Coordinating the space with the image of Hawaii, the place of wedding. Immediately after entering, the bouquet and boutonniere on the day of the ceremony were dried using a special method, and after bouquets and signatures made into pressed flowers were framed and decorated. The sofa table is scattered with lanterns and plumeria along with sand and shells. The comment of “fashionable” was popping out from female guests.


I want to set an example! Use clear glass to excite you with an amazing admission style

The style chosen using the clear glass, which is the hallmark of the venue, was chosen by both of them for the color change. Actually, the entrance door of this venue has a built-in electricity, and there is a special mechanism that when turned on, the opposite side is not visible due to smoke, when turned off it is transparent and everything is visible. The guest who knows nothing is excited about the two who appeared instantly! Besides, you can see the tuna beside them.

Clear glass

Excited! The fun after the two have entered the sword is the beginning of the tuna dismantling show!

Tuna and the two re-entered. At last, grasp the knife and cut the tuna. The first moment of tension. A lot of camera flashes and cheers were sent from the venue, and both of them were full smiles. Next, a chef appeared, and it was the beginning of the tuna dismantling show that both of us were looking forward to. First of all, the head is spattered, and the kitchen knife finally enters the body (torso). It seemed that there were many people who saw it for the first time, and the venue with great excitement from beginning to end was very enthusiastic. A unique surprise from the two. It seems that everyone was pleased.

Tuna dismantling show
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