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The story of a senior couple

A surprise party blessed by everyone!

Yosuke Araki, Tomoko Katagiri

Yosuke Araki, Tomoko Katagiri

Ceremony / July 2015th, 18

Venue / Mandarin Oasis

A bride who loves talking very much, and a groom, Mr. Itamae, a Japanese cook who always watches over her smile. They usually like surprises and often make plans for each other. Actually, the bride seems to be preparing surprises at the reception and wants to talk about it. I will report on such a surprise party.

Venue used

  • Riviera TokyoIt is finally the day of the wedding
  • Crystal chapelFollowing the blessings of our guests
  • ItemLots of messages on the soccer ground
  • Talking byteAfter cutting the cake, you can also work part-time!
  • Group photoCommemorative photo with the staff

Connecting with guestsFeel the candle relay

The candles were lit by the bride and groom to the guests, and the venue eventually became very fantastic. After that, everyone prayed for happiness and blew out the lights to confine happiness. It was a very warm time to feel the connection of the guests.

Candle relay

Happy presents with bouquet pulls

Have unmarried female guests gather and present happiness at bouquet pulls. Only one is connected to the bouquet, and good luck comes to the person who has allocated it. Bouquet pulls seemed to be popular as an elegant production, and the venue was also exciting.

Bouquet Pulls

Surprise video from the bride

The surprise movie that the bride was preparing secretly from the wedding meeting was projected on the screen. The guests enjoyed watching the video from the messages from friends and staff, and the state until the day of the wedding. Surprise seems like a great success.

Surprise video

Surprise of the bouquet from the groom

In a relaxed atmosphere throughout the day, the two parties celebrated. They handed off a petit gift and sent off the guests. When we thought the party was over, the groom gave a surprise gift to the bride. The bride looked very happy with her favorite tricolor bouquet.

Bouquet surprise
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