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The story of a senior couple

Hospitality on the theme of vegetables that have been involved for many years!

Osamu Kato, Aoi Nagashima

Ceremony / 2015 May 16th

Venue / Mandarin Oasis

Two graduates of agriculture who love nature and plants. Hospitality for guests with the theme of vegetables that have been involved for many years! The wedding is also a unique wedding, where the feelings of both of them are well packed.

Venue used

  • A secret wedding at a temple
  • The venue is full of vegetable decorations!
  • Mirror opening of parents of both families with surprise
  • Can I eat with a real scoop? First byte!
  • One frame of the chat on the terrace is like an overseas wedding

Turn table decorations into vegetables! Coordination full of nature

The two met at the Faculty of Agriculture chose a table decoration full of natural tastes with plenty of vegetables! A guest who walked into the venue with an appreciative choice and a voice of admiration. Vegetables are a gift for guests when they return! It seemed fun to choose my favorite vegetables.

Baton touch from father to groom! Re-entry

The two were held at the ceremony of the Shinto ceremony. The bride was reminded that she could not walk on Virgin Road with her father. A ceremony of a baton touch on the terrace from the arbor with his father and his arm. It was a wonderful surprise ceremony that impressed my father with a happy and depressing look.

Dessert buffet of cake cutting and vegetable sweets on the terrace!

On the terrace where the refreshing wind blows, the cake cutting and dessert buffet were held in a welcoming atmosphere full of guests. Like two people involved in agriculture, the first byte is a real scoop! Pretty cakes lined with vegetable sweets are sold out in no time!

Guest cheers for presenting a bouquet in a special vegetable basket

The bouquet presented to the parents also showed their commitment and sense. What they have been holding is a pretty vegetable-looking vegetable basket full of vegetables! While the guests shouted “Cute!” And “Wonderful!”, The two of them presented a gift filled with thanks to their parents.

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