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The story of a senior couple

Egg = birth! ? Warm surprise wedding after Easter ♪

Tomoya Imai, Yuka Araaki

Ceremony / 2015 April 21st

Venue / balcony suite

The groom is a rehabilitation teacher and the bride is a midwife. The party theme chosen by the two who are working on life is “birth”. It is the groom's birthday on the day, but they say, "It's also a couple's birthday party today." We will introduce a party full of surprises, filled with many feelings for each other.

Venue used
Video report 1

  • Mother veiled down at the end of bride preparations while being watched by father.
  • After the ceremony, a moment with the guests in the garden. The bouquet and soccer toss are full of smiles.
  • Leaving the recoloring is a surprise nomination with your favorite sister and brothers ♪
  • In the venue there are eggs and rabbits related to Easter! The handmade seating table is a mother and child handbook!
  • The video shows some of the surprises.

Blessed Twelve Roses from loved ones

"Twelve Roses Ceremony" where guests will receive 12 roses. I pray for their happiness with their thoughts on each rose. The rose bouquet made by the people who took care of me is very impressive.

Last byte is my mother's taste! ?

The last bites they chose were their favorite mother's tastes, “meatloaf” and “tomato pasta,” which they were accustomed to since their childhood. The mother will eat the taste of memories that the Riviera chef has reproduced.

Serve around each table!

After re-entering with a color change, the groom is ready to carry the tank! Serve beer to guests! The bride goes around each table with snacks. We enjoyed talking with the guests and taking pictures with them.

With gratitude

After your letter to your parents, give a surprise gift to your favorite songs with the gratitude you can't convey in words. The groom sings hard on the bride's piano. The passion of both of them spread to the venue and it was a moving scene.

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