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The story of a senior couple

"Natural wedding" with total coordination of green x white x yellow

Takafumi Ogura and Saki 𡈽 da

Takafumi Ogura and Saki 𡈽 da

Ceremony Day / October 2016th, 10

Venue / Sail Suite

The first encounter was as a junior junior in the track and field club in high school. The year after Taka enrolled, she was co-educated, and Saki entered there. If the school was not co-educated, this would not have happened! ? Two people. From cooking to flower decorations and paper items, we will report on weddings that focus on “natural” and give guests the opportunity to enjoy them.

Venue used

  • A birch message board prepared for the foyer. Decorated cards written by guests with clips
  • Coordination to enjoy the texture. The seat stand is a candle of the bride's favorite writer
  • The light of the candles lit by them both relayed to the next guest one after another. The ring of light spreads
  • Colorful sweets and chop ice. Japanese sweets prepared at the request of the two are also very popular!
  • After the reception, the two were happily reading the messages written by the guests one by one

An original public ceremony that swears by 12 roses given by an important guest

"Thank you," "honesty," "happiness," and so on. Twelve roses, each with a special meaning, are received from each guest of the groom and the bride into one bouquet. The blessing of a flower shower with falling white and yellow petals was enjoyed with a very happy smile.

Start the party with a lively open kitchen

Dishes that appear from the private kitchen are on log plates

They chose a special course, named Natural Garden, where you can feel the harmony with nature that only Riviera Aoyama can offer. The venue created by the two, who are particular about the coordination, has a green and white natural atmosphere.

Party concept "blue"

Candle relay where small light of two people spreads one after another

Re-entry from the terrace with bright natural light in a light green dress, hazy grass corolla & bouquet boutonniere!In the light delivered by the candle relay, the same emerald light as the bride and groom. We invited two lucky guests to the main seat, and blew out all at once with the hope of making all the guests happy.

Brilliant re-entry with baby dolls! ?

Make guests smile with a gorgeous dessert buffet

The dessert buffet was served on the open-air terrace in the pleasant air of autumn. Female guests as well as male guests, including seasonal fruits and jellies, cakes and chop ice made by pastry chefs, enjoyed a lot of sweets.

Enjoy the original until the last dish. Discerning special menu
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