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The story of a senior couple

Today is class visit day

Shigeru Fujitsuna and Yuki Yoshimoto

Shigeru Fujitsuna and Yuki Yoshimoto

Wedding Day / August 2016th, 10

Venue / Grand Blue

Relatives and friends see how they have been spending time together, with the idea that "similar to classroom visits". In order for guests to have a good time, a variety of ingenious parties will begin with a theme.

Venue used

  • Public ceremony held in a peaceful atmosphere
  • A stylish welcome drink in the waiting room
  • Guests are also impressed by the two handmade seats!
  • After the color change, the image is also ragged! I was particular about costumes and makeup
  • Nostalgic items placed on the guest table

Cool down hospitality

The guests were welcomed at the party venue with a well-cooled welcome beer. We added flowers to the conversation at each table. The guests are all smiles, with the bouquets under the clear blue sky and the cold beer after a group photo with all the guests!

Romantic proposal

Opening movie full of originality

The start of the party is from the original movie that they appeared on their own! Based on the theme of class visits, Shigeru, who dressed as a teacher, and Yuki, who played the role of student, invited a laugh. The guests are also given the command of “Standing up,” giving the party venue a sense of unity!

Party concept "blue"

Various items packed with commitment

They are particular about items that entertain guests, such as dishes and flowers. The original image of the pasta is used in the dishes and the flowers are coordinated with various kinds of sunflowers. The Riviera staff, who had repeated the meetings, presented the opening VTR and delivered their commitment to the guests.

Surprise entry from open kitchen

With special thoughts on dessert

Yuki is a patissier. Stick to dessert and design your own wedding cake! In addition, I wanted to enjoy the dessert to my heart, so I consulted with a patissier of the Riviera and used the original peach dessert and a macaron with a message to express my hospitality.

Fashionable coordinates
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